Saturday, January 25, 2014

LonLons Birthday

It has been a very busy month! Lonlons birthday was lovely and i think the kids had a good time.  The thing is with birthdays they are a lot like weddings. There is always someone who you didnt invite that is pissed that you didnt invite them.They are not really just about the birthday girl who wasnt really sure she was the birthday girl at one point. Its about sharing your happiness. Its about making others happy because you are happy on this day. Its seeing kids dance and enjoy going back home with favors. Watching them Bang Away at  the Pinata that didnt tear open till i tore it open like the HULK! Then seeing them attacking the candy on the ground. It was a lot of work but seeing all those kids happy made it worth it :)

 You will never be able to please anyone and well something always does not go as planned but in the end it is just a birthday and if it was for me i would invite everyone i know but it was not possible which is why i had a small DIY party :) Here are the pics i promised to share with the little party details for inspiration.

Under the Sea Theme.

Welcome Frame :)

Customized Clay Giveaways

Customized Chocolate & Hershey Kisses
Customize Chocolate Lollypops
Sea Animal Theme Bubbles
 Crab Shaped Plates

Fish Theme Marshamallows dipped in White Chocolate
 Customized Favor Beach Set!
Fishing Game :)

 Lots of Prizes, Coloring Corner & more Games

 I had a Shark boxing corner as well :) which i forgot to take photos of

And a little Mermaid Lonlon ofcourse Awwww

A lot of my friends helped me and without my friends and lovely neighbors help i think this bday would not have been such a success :)

Oh i also had a huge surprise myself on my BIRTHDAY ! which was 2 days ago :)

Im 32


*dino nods slowly with eyes closed

My cute neighbors came over with a surprise bday cake and i was all dressed up ready to go out on a bday DATE. which was all part of the surprise..

First time anyone ever surprises me on my bday..

i feel so loved.. and happy.. al hamdulilah

Family,Friends, Nutella ∧ lots of laughs that was the best birthday ever...

I am now taking orders for customized birthday themes and you can check out the fb page 

We offer a variety of desserts, Customized chocolates, favors,  water bottles, Pushpops ,  candy bags Lollypops & can design any party theme of choice :)



Haitham Jafar said...

I don`t know if u get to know who made the "reactions" but really I think they deserve the three of them ,, funny/interesting/and cool


bala themes bala games,, hit me with the cake already :))))

I really liked this post , happy b-day o y5aleehom elkom ya rab

anas`s b-day in 3 days! Nothing fancy ,, aslan he should be grateful we r doing anything! He keeps ruining EVERYTHING!! :((

**ta5dooh 3ndkom shee kam sha-har .. plz
plz plz


B_Noon said...

I like what you did for Lonlon's b'day party. I loved all the details esp the marshmallows dipped in white chocolate yummmmy :))
Thank you for sharing it with us :)