Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday wala 3urus?

So i feel these days im i have a lot on my mind.. My mind is constantly thinking of things that i need to get done and thing that i did or didnt do and du du du du du du ya bayee shu bagurr ana

So this month is full of events... Tomorrow my lonlon turns 2!! cant believe 2 years have passed! 
*dina remmebers that she said that she will have lina potty trained at 2
oh oh.. my aim is by 3 years inshala :P

So.. anyhow.. so its my lonlons birthday.. Jan 14th. my Sisters Birthday is Jan 15th.. i remember 2 years ago my sister asked me to wait another day for my induction so that they celebrated together..  i remember back then i could not wait a second longer to BOG my baby lonlon out into this word.. 

Another major change happening is that we are MOVING to a new house.. or not.. still not sure.. depends on if the owner will be Son of 7alal and not raise the rent to balyooon alf.. 
We all expected this Rise since Expo.. but anyhow.. Inshala khier..

And another event soon.. is my SISTERS WEDDING! my little sister who is now 3aroosa.. its just one of those moments in life that you wait for but then when it happens or its happening you dont get it. in my head i think , you are the same girl i used to sing BURP songs to when we were younger! yeah well at the age of 7 i think i discovered how to burp and talk.. and i used to annoy my sister by singing the alphabet in one long BURP.. ok.. not so feminine.. haha 

So a lot is going on.. hamdulilah all is good... but believe it or not in the midst of all this what is stressing me out the most is planning my lonlons birthday party!... initially i planned on having a small party.. just us a cake and happy birzdayyy to yooou ree rampa rampa..

Suddenly i find myself running from store to store buying decorations and think of themes...  5 kids turned into 5x5 and i find myself planning the birthday details all day and my husband ( as would many husbands) doesn't get it..

WHY do woman spend all this time, effort and MONEY on a Birthday??? 
Who care how the plates look like! and so on.. 

* dino has expressionless face

i have to agree that some people over do it.. and slowly i feel birthdays are the new WEDDINGS.. 
its no longer about the kids having fun.. its about that fancy candy stand with those little fancy candy that is probably to hard to even be chewed.. its about those cookies and cake pops that are just too CUTE to eat!! The amount of money people are willing to spend on birthdays is 

So my little 3aroosa sis who is no longer little thought the birthday was yesterday. and well came with the party balloons and gifts and i was like... *blank face.. 
arent you supposed to get the helium balloons on the DAY of the party?
hahaaha anyhow.. so cute that she even went through the trouble.. 

So little lonlon was so excited to see her fishy balloon, and was playing with it a bit aggressively and then lulu joined and i think one of the balloons is officially dead while the other is still surviving.. i foudn myself yelling at them to not ruin the balloon.. 

WALKOM kharabtoooooohom!!
btw balloons are freaking expensive these days

Then it hit me.. i was so worried about the party.. the balloons gettign ruined that i forgot that the most important thing is that this party is FOR HER.. she should tefga3 as many ballaleen as she wants.. she should be happy... that should be my concern and not what people think about my Birthday theme and presentation..

We get so caught up in the party details and we forget that in the end our kids dont care about the candy stand presenation, they dont care about the matching tags and favor bags.. they dont care about all that.. we dont need to spend thousands of dirhams to make them happy.. 

happiness is sometimes in the simplest things that probably don't even cost money..

I buy my daughter all sorts of expensive toys. In the end of the day the most fun they have is when we all gather under the blanket and play " CATHLE" ( castle) is the name of the game according to lonlon... Or i find lonlon playing with an empty tissue box or keys! 

 In our mind we feel better buying the expensive gifts thinking the more expensive the gift the Better.. throughout the years we ourselves have changed and have become to hard to please..or to be content.. we are always looking at what others have or what "COST" more.

Our kids dont want fancy toys they want Love.. they want to feel loved. they want to spend quality time with thier parents.. We sometimes get them those expensive gifts because we feel bad that we are not spending enough time with them.. to compensate for that.. not knowing that no gift or toy will replace the fun of quality time with them..

I remember when i first came UAE. i lived in Sharjah.. i remember the first time we ran into "MAJAZ PARK" next to our house.. like it was HEAVEN.. we got on the swings although we were j7oosh ya3ni hahha i was 13 i think... to us we are not used to seeing so much greenery in Amman.. then we visited Burjuman Mall.. at that time there was no Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, There was no Dancing Fountains or SKi Dubai.. we stood there in Burjuman Mall.. look a dancing fountain.. looking back at how amazed we were i kind of understand why some people were staring :S 

I remember going into the  SEE THROUGH elevator and never will i forget how AMAZED WE WERE! WAWWW WAAAAAW WAAAW


* head stuck on elevator glass as dino looks down as it goes up with mouth wide open with amusement!

Years later.. i stand infron of the Dubai Mall water fountains.. and i know they are amazing and wow but ive seen them so many times i feel like im no longer amused.. i stand there and enjoy the show but im no longer in that SHOCK of WOW THIS IS WOOOOOOOW!

I notice not only i have this feeling.. i see several shows in Dubai Shopping Festival and many are with acrobats or people doing seriously dangerous acts... hanging from the ceiling with no net.. stuff like that.. and i look at the peoples faces as they munch on popcorn or look like they are about to fall asleep.. hardly anyone even claps.. like its everyday they see a man swallowing knives.. 

Anyway... back to topic.. i just wish that one day i start a blogpost about something and not end up talking about something else :S 

So about lonlons birthday.. yes its getting bigger than i expected.. but in my mind i feel the birthday is a reflection of the mother... or at least it has become that these days.. i personally love doing all the little details.. but i will not pay thousands and try to do the simple doable ideas that are reasonable and not too costly..

In the End... I feel its ART... and letting it out in my daughters birthday is something i enjoy.. its very tiring and i will regret it after but well when she is older i will show her the pics and she will appreciate the trouble her mommy went through to make her day even more special..

Some ideas are just TOO CUTE AND TEMPTING! 

* p.s. I will not be blogging till after the bday so much to dooooo
* dino runs around like Um il 3aroosss ( mother of the bride)



Haitham Jafar said...

happy bday lonloooooooooooon

"we ARE getting old,, wainak ya eloy # 7 - I hope I got the name right!"

our anas will be 2 on the 29th, and as u mentioned weddings o haik,, sho ra2yik t5a6boona lolo, anas is okay with the still no potty training feature, is lolo ok he is about 2 weeks younger?

*haitham burns dinos house*

what! u said u r moving (hopefully) let the new ppl deal with the ashes :D

* meen expo! Then sheehsany remembered the fiasco from last month or so, enshaAllah 5air.. if it is meant to be then it will (ya wad ya mo2min!)


congrats 4 yr sis , Allah yhanneha
,, u r -again- getting old ya dino! tsuk tsuk


birthdays OR weddings, who cares what the occasion is, free FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, oppps I mean caaaaaaaaaaaake wa a5awatha! :D

which is a higher category than food , sa7!

enjOy the dishes / cleaning up / the aftermath dear dino

*shamateh smiley* <---- that`s 4 not inviting anas, the not-prince-charming

& btw, while u guys r n the weddings spirit o haika, how about a 3aroos hunt for abu-anas (but don`t mention me by that title! it scares u-know-whom away!) mention I have lots of land in Chechenya, that shall be sufficient (3omoltik still 47%, no?)


bwt the previous post; I decided not to post a 2nd comment, as if u losing-sleep over it!, but just wanted to say so because I said I`ll be back. (then I chickened ba4 ba4 ba4eee4 out)

Rita Riordan said...

Your Lonlon and my grandson, TJ, are the same age. And that makes me think of all the birthday parties I held for my own children. Like you, I created EVENTS for each party. While they were very young (under 5 years old), I had those parties at the house. As they grew older, I held the events at special places: a zoo outing, at the big Chicago aquarium, at our planetarium, at museums, etc. I made the parties into educational trips. For instance, the one I held at the Shedd Aquarium, I wrote a "fact and information scavenger hunt" and had the guest children work in pairs. There were prizes for all the children at the end of the "hunt." Yes, it was a lot of work for me, but it was so memorable that the children who attended, who are now adults with children of their own, still remember those parties. Brahim Istanbouli, now age 32, commented recently that all of my son's friends looked forward to Ryan's birthday parties because they were always so special. So make great memories for yourself and your children and their friends. Know in your heart that this is why you are putting in so much effort.