Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bye Bye 34 hello 35 !!

So today i'm sleepy but i feel i cant sleep as today is the last day i can say i am still 34!! Tomorrow ill be 35! i still remember my 11th birthday when i felt i was so old then i remember looking at the high school students and the students in gr12 and thinking WOW they are so old!

 HOW HOW HOW did time fly?! How am i 35 already! i look at my kids getting older and i am now an official Khalto that says all the khalto stuff of  " SHU KABRANEEN!! to everyone cause

But isnt everyone KABRan?!?

Except AMR DIAB and NAJWA KARAM and a few lucky people who seem to either not age or look younger!!

So.. mostly i look back at my life and i realize that life teaches you so many lessons and the best lessons are learnt when they hurt us the most. I try to take the negative and turn in into positive knowing that even the bad things that happen to us happen for a reason. There is good in everything and even though its hard sometimes we should try to see the positive side of things.

Just knowing that Allah has a plan for us all and that everything is part of His plan for you gives me comfort. Al Hamdulilah for everything and for everyone in my life. I have so much love in my heart for so many people that i want to just start hugging people randomly and spreading love! ok.. maybe just female people.. unless if you are my celebrity crush.. *sigh

* dina is 35 but is suffering from signs of murahaqa

Have you ever had an awkward hug? well i have..  i  once told a guy " sorry i dont shake hands" he gave me a quick hug.. it was very awkward and it was over before i said " that means i don't hug too"it was a long time ago and i think he was interested in my male friend more than he was in me so...

When i think of awkward moments i think it should be written in my " About myself" section as i i am the master of awkward moments, embarrassing moments, blurting out awakard things , meeting awkard people and seeko seekos

I was at a wedding once, and there is this 3amo that is related to us and i remember growing up he was always at our house and we would visit him all the time. In my mind i thought he was my dad's uncle.

So anyway many years later i am invited to a wedding and i see this 3amo.. he is old and i just remember the old days and from my happiness i shrieked" AMO ABU HUSAM * boseh *boseh

At this point to him i am just this Random Hijabi girl that ran to him and kissed him! Last time he saw me i was like 17 years old.. So anyhow from shocked confused look on his face and on his wife's face i quickly said " ana bent farouk al natour"... so later i ask mama.. is Amo Husam baba's Uncle? she says NO... " was i supposed to kiss him lama salamt 3alieh?" .. la3333... opsss

So... what are the things i tell myself to comfort myself to the fact that im getting older...

1. my lady i met once said " you have kids i thought you were in your twenties"

2. a got 3arees proposal at the coop infront of bandora. which means i look like i am still 3aroossa
( beghad il nazar 3an il 3arees) ahah

3. another lady once said i look like im 28 * bosa to that lady

4. in my heart ill always be 25

5. Chocolata makes me happy... and my answer to everything is CHOCOLATA so i had to write that

6. you are only as old as your neighbor says you are

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Haitham Al-Sheeshany said...

هابي بيرثداااااااااااااااي تو تووووووووووو

*مين توتو؟*

HAPPY GREAT CHOCLATY returns of the day ya Rab :)

l 3omor kollo ya murahe4a Dina, haha