Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I'm Blogging Again Lululee

Staring at a blank post.. thinking of what i will write about.. all i know is i want to blog again because blogging was part of who i was.. the me that i miss the me that i barely have come to recognize throughout the years.

I sit here trying to understand the inner workings and the experiences i have been through that have made me who i was and who i am now. i long for answers and explanations that i might never ever know. i want to be able to just with once click go back to the days where i blogged about my bagoora and to be able to able to write again from my heart without thinking to be able to make people laugh through my daily posts again.. so here i am trying to find that happy crazy blogging person inside me that seemed to be hiding under a pile of laundry and diapers and years of motherhood stress.

LAGETEKKKKK... so here i go.....

Let me share with you  some of my updates and some surprising changes in my life

 • I was finally able to overcome my weight issue by losing 15 KG *  and even though i was never really FAT to the point of tada7ruj on jabala duwera type cause im tall i was always chubby or at that stage where people say things like " weshek 7ilo" or " you are not fat you are MUJASSAmeh! or Malyaneh" what the hell does that mean? Mujasame? feels like im the terminator or a transformer.

I still love chocolata and will never EVA EVA give it Up... speaking of EVA tel3et EVA mitzawje RAYyyan Goosling il fe film LALALAND! that movie... akh bass. *heartmelts like chocolate fondant.. watched it 3 times in the cinema.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  *sings city of stars and trys to do tap dance move falls 3ala boozha

• I have new found love and respect for Hindi films. The drama, The Action.. the dance moves * dino does twisting light bulb move and kicks her feet and accidentally kicks down a side lamp in home center.. oh yes also i should not be dancing in public.

• my cooking skills have become more advanced i have moved from the stage of calling my best friend to come over before my husband arrives with a plate of kabse rice to making warra2 3inab and some really sophisticated tabkhaat that include making the 3ajeene from scratch.. and when someone tell me RAshet baharat.. i understand what they MEAN! before i used to say.. EISh ya3ni RASHET bhaar! Give me EXACT quantity.. * dina betrush bharat in the air with a smirky confident smile.

You can call me.. Chef DonDon.. * adjusts cooking hat

• I met a celebrity... yes.. i did.. and i think my huzband is very understanding for letting me express my LOVE! hahah He is also known as Baglawa fil 3alam il 3arabi.. i shall post a pic.. of me and before judging me.. i believe there is a stalker found in each an everyone of us.. mine seemed to be very evident in my stalker eyes on ET star news... i did not scream out loud like those other ladies.. i screamed on the inside .. i love burak and burak al jibne also

 also im hooked on a turkish series.. i used to make fun of people who watch turkish series.. but be careful what you make fun of.. cause that will be your future...

That a quick update for now.. i have to say i am so flattered and surprised when people i didn't know read my blog silenty for years! Thank you for reading my habalations.. :)


Jazz said...

Love u and ur blogs

Deemzsters said...

Sooo soooo happy !!! Cant wait to see more ♡♡♡

Fida said...

Welcome back! You were really missed ;)

Haitham Al-Sheeshany said...

hala hala .. hala hala (o3'neyyeat abu yousef)

good to see u blogging again.
kabseh o lala land o mosh 3aref shoo! hmmmmmmmmmmmm

hindi films with a twist of turkish flavours :P

me have zero idea who that celebrity is ,, but i hate him e7tiya6an already

waiting for some posts :)

Dino$ said...

Lol @ I hate him e7teya6an I think all males hate him except for the gay males they probably are crushing on him as well �� Zaman 3an Abu Yusuf �� Thank you for being one of few people who stuck around this blog

Dino$ said...

Thanks deeemz��❤️

Dino$ said...

Talking to you made me want to start again ❤️

Dino$ said...

LOWE you too lowa