Wednesday, February 28, 2007

H@ppY Birthd@Y G@LBI!!

Today is not a normal is unlike any other... it should be down in history.. it should be an official holiday!

On this day .............. 7amooda was born!!

7abeebi kol sana wa inta salim wa mursi wa 3abbas :P no really kol sana wa intcha tchayip

You know before i met you i thought i was crazy :P now i know i am

im simply crazy about you *maksoof shy face*

With you in my life i feel nothing else matters.. You make everything ok..

IF i woke up with a really bad hair day and tripped on a banana..also realized i had the biggest zit in the middle of my face.. got fired for being late to work too many sick .. then heard the worst news.. then got stuck in tsunami but somehow survived with many psychological and phycisal scars.. same day i find out i got robbed & someone i care about decides to hate me overnight... then got aressted for robbing my own house lol then on the way to jail had an accident that made me lose my memory & ability to speak... with all that happening.. i know if i forgot everything i would still remember YOU... and if i couldnt speak i would just want to speak to tell you how much i love you... :P And if all that happened in one day... knowing you are there would make it all okay

so conclusion of this long story is that if one day i woke up & everything possible in the world was going wrong... i would think of you.. and it all would be okay

you are EVERYTHING to me :) ALLah ma yi7rmeni minak ya GAlbi

Ba7777777obak Gawi Gawi... :P


ITs your first birthday as a 3arees! ya bakhtak :P ok i forgot this is my blog :P


kinzi said...

I get to be the first comment to say: "HABBY BERSDAY TO YOU!!!" Lucky guy, to be loved more than MILK chocolate...for the rest of his life!!!

Ya Dino, I have an 3ruus for Cow. Ma'sha'allh, SO CUTE! So manly! A Bull! My son designed him, I will try to get a photo off to you to see if we should mnishrub ahwa.

kinzi said...

Whoops... 3riis!

Qwaider قويدر said...

This is Soooooooooooo cute, I'm soooooooooo jealous now :)

HaBBy PirSday to Hammoudeh ...he's such a lucky man...

Good luck to you ... both of you :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

that was so sweeeeeeet :)

happy BD la 7amoodeh..wish him all happiness..and lucky him to have a wife who loves him the way u do :)

MQabbani said...

H@ppY Birthd@Y ya G@LBHa

lool :) wish u both a happy day week months and all year 3ala tool

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

yaaaaaay! Happy Birthday to 7ammudeh.. Allah yekhaleekum la ba3ad o yhaneekum :)

i*maginate said...

OMG? I am still getting used to this blogscene. Am just finding out, and treasuring, the fact that other humans share the emotions as me. It's oh so exciting.

Bless you, and the experience you experienced in this post. I didn't think that love was as lovely as other love-lovers experienced it.

Peace up, and love xxx i*maginate

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much 7abeebti,

You spoil me (I got 5 presents yesterday). I am indeed lucky; if I were to write a description before we met of the perfect woman it wouldn't have come close to what you really are :)

Thank you all for you brithday wishes we 3o2balkum.

Drama Div@ said...

that's so sweet..........

ramroom said...

so sweet :)
Allah y5aleekom la ba3ad

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Happy birthday lucky Hamouda :-) w allah aykhaleeko la ba3d

Diana said...

Happy Birthday dandoon's fiance!
Allah yhaneekon w ytamemlkon 3ala khair :)

Abed Hamdan said...

Haappppy Birthdaaaay Hamooodaaa

3o2baaal 10000 sane :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thanks all for your comments! and kinzi yala jeebi il 3arees balki Dabili il bagara :P