Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Prayer$ An$wered

Yesterday my dad had an operation for the "disc" he has in his neck... AL HAMDULILAH he is okay now.. recovering from the operation.. got me thinking about life.. and how we alway get so caught up in life.. so caught up that we dont remember God as much as we should.. or we do remember God but yet have a lot of contradictions in our life... we might even bend or break a few rules to make them more "modern" or "socially acceptable"

till one day you really want something and you also know its ONLY in God's hands.. you have always known everything is in GOD's hands.. but in that moment you feel desperate and pray more and say things like " ill never do this again" or " God if you answer this one prayer i wont ask you anything again".. an so on..

maybe you meant what you said and deep inside you know you might NOT deserve to get your prayers answered because you have been too distracted & have so many sins in your life... but still you know GOD is forgiving.. and MERCIFUL.. so you pray because you know HE is always there no matter what happens...

ive had ppl say things like " ill tell my mom or bint il jeeran to pray for me because i havent prayed in years!! so i would feel bad if i prayed now just cause i need something".. that is not how it should be.. God asked us to pray ... and we all should :)
not only when we need something like a "job offer" or "3arees" lol


186 و إذا سألك عبادي عني فإني قريب أجيب دعوة الداعِ إذا دعانِ فليستجيبوا لي وليؤمنوا بي لعلهم يرشدون " البقرة "

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way.

Unfortunately the cycle repeats itself.. we all go through ups and downs and we don't always keep our end of the promise... out of weakness, laziness or temptation..

But i also know God created us and HE knows of our weaknesses and life is full of tests we all go through.

Prayers can sometimes make miracles happen :) Al hamdulilah for everything :)

so conclusion is..



and life goes on... said...

7amdilla 3ala salamto :)

You're right, we're always caught up with life issues, and a day passes so quickly that you hardly appreciate the things around you and the precious people.. it hurts how sometimes you don't get time to show them how precious they are!

Though now I know when im leaving.. I'll be missing each and everyone.. parents, sisters, friends and this is when I'd regret not giving those more of my time!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

oh Dandoon 7amdella 3a salamto *hug
weird inno tazaman ma3 my dad having a heart bypass yesterday too, il7amdila.

and its so true, we get sucked in the bubble we call life and its only gonna burst someday, and it might be sooner than we think (or want)

and sidenote, il7amdila 3a ne3met il islam. faith brings us patience and strength and the knowledge that if we ask, we r heard. sub7an allah.

all the best bannout. *hug

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

El 7amdulillah 3ala salamto :) we should thank God every day, in every moment.. when we are happy or sad..He is always with us and protecting us, so praying for him is the least we can do for all the blessings we have..

hazel' said...

7amdella 3ala salmet el waled o ma yshoof shar yarab :-)

Diana said...

el 7amdillah 3ala salamtoh 7abeebti, glad to hear that he's doing fine now.

kinzi said...

Dino, you sound like a Baptist preacher! That IS a compliment :).

One of my favorite verses is when the Lord spoke to the weeping prophet Jeremiah: "Call to Me and I will answer you, and will show you great and mighty things you did not know".

Prayer is such a gift, when God lets us know when our will is in line with His. How precious were your 'prayer tears' on behalf of you daddy, Dino!

MQabbani said...

gladh he's feel better now..

7amdlellha 3a salmato , and pray is COOL ,

Qwaider قويدر said...

اهم شي انه الحمدلله على السلامة

jasim said...

el 7amdellah 3ala el salamih :)

Drama Div@ said...
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Drama Div@ said...

glad to hear that your dad is okay... wish him a very speedy recovery...

Drama Div@

KV said...

salam alikom, alhamdulilah your father is doing good now. mashallah! inshallah he will continue to heal. Jazkay Allah khair for your words sis! it's all so true! subhanallah! Alhamduliliah for everythign in this life!

theone said...

7amdela 3a salamet el waled..

btw i don't know if u watched the movie click or not.. u should watch it coz it really make u think about such issues

about praying .. we should always believe that our prayers will be heard and come true nshala other than that there is no need in praying in the first place.

palo-girl said...

il7amdilla 3ala salamto!

.. and omg every word u said was true.. the exact thoughts and feelings go through me too, and probably all of us right?

z3tr said...

beautiful verse. o 7amdella 3a salamet el walid.

and i like the new blog colours (or did I just notice it now?).

Wedad... said...

alf salameh

hope he's better now :hug:

SimSim said...

7amdellah 3ala salamtoo sweetie ... 6amnenaa 3anno

Anonymous said...

lanat bo'lsin senga!