Thursday, April 26, 2007

Favorite Video$

ill be off for a week starting today and i might nto get a chance to blog.. dad's condition is much better he is breathing on his own and is awake :) he also had "boootha" icecream yesterday.. recovery takes time... and lots of patience.. but i feel good al hamdulilah.. Allah kareem and he will be better soon inshala :)

here are a few videos i LOVE!!!! mashala at the talents all around the world!! i am still shocked at the baby imams!! And the BABY BREAKDANCER!! so enjoy these videos till i get back :) these baby videos show how the way you are brought up could definitely affect the way you will turn out! baby breakdancer vs. baby shiekh


And pls don't stop your prayers they are WORKING :) al hamdulilah

Thank you all for your support! Allah yis3idkum Jamee3an :)


MQabbani said...


glad to hear the good news :)

allah ye2awi :)

any time FREE pray for ppl who deserve it ;)

Summer said...

Alhamdulillah you sound much better on your blog now!! Glad your dad is getting better...slowly but surely!
still praying for him for a speedy recovery inshallah.

Ola said...

El7amdo lellah 3ala salamet abooky :) ma yshoof shar in sha'a Allah

nido said...

Glad to know he's doing better:) Il 7amdillah 3ala salamto:)

serendipity said...

hey Dandoon, ive been trying to reach u on ur phone but it seems i have the old number, and u r no longer on facebook! anyhow Im glad to hear that ur dad is doing much better..Plz send me ur new number dear..

Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

Inshalla enno ygoom be salameh, but all of the family have to stay next to him, I went through this myself and the psychological part is the hardest for him..

SimSim said...

al7amdolellah ur father is better now


Oriental Arabesque said...

glad he's getting better :)
el 7amdillah 3ala salamto

Diana said...

good news, el 7amdillah 3ala salamtoh dandoon.

someguyfromplanet said...

Hey I found this blog again! Good news about your father. 7mdl.
Since I'm in love with your cartoon, I would like to send you my cartoonic prayer.

Click here to get your pray.

I hope u like my cartoon. :D

Anonymous said...

nice blog :)

Batoul said...

Al7amdulilah hes feeling better.
I hope him a speedy recovery. And I hope you comfort of the heart & mind.