Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Choking Love

when i say choking love.. i am not using choking as a VERB.. but i am saying it as an Adjective to express how love can be choking sometimes...

Sometimes you feel a person loves you so so much to a point that it turns into possessiveness... it turns into a sort of unbearable clinginess, over protectiveness...

You feel you have to get away because you can't breathe... it's like poor cow who has to deal with my EXTRA loving! She seems to think she has grown up but to me she will always be a baby... i do express way too much and maybe i worry a bit too much too... but i have to realize she is not a kid anymore and will have her own baby cows to worry about someday! Glad humans don't eat their children like cats do when they are afraid they would get hurt.

If that was the case then there we would all be walking happy meals.

min al 7ubbi ma qatal.

i have to realize that by being over-loving and clingy i'm actually pushing people i love away rather than keeping them closer.... not everyone expresses love the same way you do... which is why each person should be free to express themselves the way they want to...


kinzi said...

Hi Dino!! good to see that all-beef humour popping up again!

So true, your post. I read a book I LOVED called "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman on the ways people give and receive love. You and Mr. Right should check it out, it's great for premarriage prep.

Jasmina said...

"by being over-loving and clingy i'm actually pushing people i love away rather than keeping them closer" That is so true, sometimes it happens with me but I can't helpt it!!

and life goes on... said...

I learned that being so clingy and giving a 'CHOCKING love' would just kill the relationship.. it's bad for both! The minute I start to feel that he's the center of my universe and Im being too clingy I pull back a little bit,, and try to go back to square 0 and start over.. it's nice to be at the receive end too.. if you give strongly then you wouldn't give him the change to give..he'd get used to him RECEIVING all the time!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey kinzi :)

sounds like a good book! we'll check it out inshala ... merci ya gameel
ba3dien with me my sense of humor is what keeps me sane :) or insane lol but i guess it's what keeps me going... i hope i always manage to have it..

Jasmina i think it happens to most of us.. sometimes its done to us and sometimes we are the "do-ers"

ana been both :P

Al 7ayato tastamir...

sometimes you can lose track or awareness off how clingy you are becoming because you love the person soooo much and u feel every second should be with them... like you have to see them everyday and that THEY SHOULD want to see you everyday too if they love you lol

like imagine your husband saying habeebti i love u so i will stay home all day and stare at you and tell you how lovely you are :S

that is unreasonable.. because in reality a person can love you as much as you love them but maybe he would express it differently...

like by working all day to be able to provide you with the lifestyle you have always wanted...(ofcourse we would give the "i hardly see you lecture"..

maybe he would not call you all as often as you would like him too but would be missing you.. then he's hear the " u don't call me as much i call you lecture" he could possibly feel better expressing himself in real life rather than on the phone...

maybe he wouldn't read your mind and sometimes will not get some things that seem obvious to you.. but we could also be more forward and just simply say what we want...

i think men and woman are totally different and we are more emotional and more clingy... and u are right it's about giving and receiving... there should be a balance in the relationship..

for ex i talk soo much ( as u can see) and if ahmed spoke as much as i did we would probably have fights on who should be talking :P

off sho baggggur ana :P

jasim said...

I just realize that, but I guess it's a bit late now :(

Drama Div@ said...

>>by being over-loving and clingy actually pushing people i love away rather than keeping them closer

--> I couldn't agree more!!

Life said...

I hear ya!
Wish I can control this overflow of emotions I always have!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

jasim... i guess we should learn from our mistakes and if its meant to be its never too late..

naseebak 7ay9eebak :)

dram D.. i think u and i agree on a lot of things :P


tell me about it... am always oversensitive and overloving i have this endless fountain of love and emotions inside of me!


Ok all the above was more like the acts of a schizophrenic

*twitches :P

and life goes on... said...

hahahaha... you're absolutely right! and you don't itgory too much ;) I enjoy it... sometimes I feel it's true.. men and women come from different planets! we're too emotional.. but for some guys this would drive them away! that's why the control is important.. if you feel you're getting too clingy then try to back off a little bit.. give him a chance to miss you, get yourself busy with something.. anything :$ this is what i do :D and it WORKS ;)

Oriental Arabesque said...

by being over-loving and clingy actually pushing people i love away rather than keeping them closer

yesss...that's so true..they feel suffocated and not able to breath

guys have different nature..and we have to understand and accept that..
the way they express themselves and show care is different..

we all some space.. no matter how much we love the other part or our families