Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's All About The $$$$$

"Money makes the world go round " is what people say... i think money makes the world go NUTS..

i used to say money is not a problem and its not the most important thing in life.. that there are other things that are more important like a person's faith health & love .

i still think those are more important BUT what i have realized is that money is not a problem when YOU HAVE IT... otherwise it could be... that to get good health and the best treatment you NEED money.. to get married and live the life you want with the one you love u also NEED money... i realized that without enough money love health & faith can be shaken..

Anyway... money...i would never ask for it even if i needed it..hamdulilah we are not in need of money... but i hate asking for anything or feeling that i need someones help in any way... i know its not right.. but i can't help it..

like now without a car i never ask for rides and well people have to insist on dropping me off.. i just can't deal with the idea that i could be a burden on someone.. or that someone would get out of their way to do something for me... or that they would do something just cause they feel its the right thing to do...

What i hate the most... is to finally say okay after they insist.. like for ex "pls let me drop you off... plz plz.. its no problem at all... you are on my way..." i eventually open up and think it's okay to need someone or to accept help i say.. "okay if you insist..."

till its time to go and she would say " oh sorry... i said i was going to drop you off... you are not exactly on my way.. but wait i'll drop you half way if you want"

then i'd say it's okay... i'd rather take a cab..... ( what i wish i said was)

I Never asked you to drop me off... you insisted...i would have never asked you..
& i hate to get in someones way...


which brings me back to the main subject... COW has realized the importance of $$$ & has started her new JOB today! due to her inability to read or speak the work load is getting bigger...



and life goes on... said...

just like me.. i know exactly what you mean! i can never ask someone for a favour.. I like to do everything by myself if i can't then i'll do it later.. ! I remember before I bought my car, I used to tell my colleagues that my sister is coming to pick me up but in reality I used to take a taxi.. just because I didn't feel im a burden and I didn't want for them or for me to be put in an embarassing situation of any sort!

Qwaider قويدر said...

I guess women (in our part of the world) are so spoiled that they never have to ask for anything :)

I disagree with you on money and faith. Faith actually grows with no money. It fills the space and gives hope.

The first brush women have with money is when they start the preparations for their wedding/life outside of their parent's nest. At this point, they start realising the value of security they've been living through

Anyway, good luck, and next time stand FIRM and say "I don't need a ride"

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

and life goes one... i do that sometimes too! Makes people feel less guilty & you feel like u are less of a burden... works for me all the time

qwaider... maybe u are right about some women being spoilt.. not all are though so you can't generalize when you say "our part of the world"... side note : paris hilton is not exactly from the middle east :P

i agree that SOME women are brought up in an environment where everything comes easy & their family gives them everything they need & more... they might also not realize the value of money & spend so much without thinking... but that is the case of many MEN too..

i know more than one girl who has been responsible for her family & pays for rent & university tuition with the the help of her brother.. she is not married.. but im sure she realized the value of money & Security..

i admit my life has been easy and i have had almost anything and everything i ever wanted... but that didn't make me less thankful or aware of the many blessings i have...

about money adding to a persons faith... it depends on the person and GOD knows how each and every person deals with poverty or with being rich..

Just like some would lose their faith when they are unable to live the life they want to live .. others faith would grow...

i said "without enough money love health & faith can be shaken"

and i believe money CAN but not always it depends on the person :)

and life goes on... said...

Qwaider قويدر .. they're FAR AWAY from spoiled! they're too INDEPENDENT and STRONG to ask anyone for anything! this is the ONLY reason ;)

alia said...

ya tuta I'll take you anywhere you want iza biddik, bas kaman in a acb heheheh because bro took zi car..waleyy i have to see you sooon!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lgo you go girl :P

alia poola inti law 3ala jamal baji ma3aki!! when will i see you?

jasim said...

You and I have the same problem with the car thing! I'm the only one without a car, so I really really hate it when someone offers me a ride home or anything!

It's true money isn't everything, but it's like you said isn't everything when you have it, but when money stands in the way of living a happy life with the one you love, then it's everything!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

jasim... ur right.. many guys are unable to get married for how costly it has become to get married... and that is why most girls 3anasoo.. ( i hate the word 3anasoo) lets just say haven't found their naseeb.. or have found him but he is mfaliss..

if ppl followed the hadeeth

إذا أتاكم من ترضون دينه وخلقه فزوجوه

marriage won't be a problem for some men.. but even deen is missing in many people nowadays...

Rodrigo said...

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Drama Div@ said...

Like me, as you're used to doing everything yourself, you've become "miss independence"... People may look at you in a dif way, yet you don't want to be a burden to others and you still want to maintain your independence. And there were times, when I want to show to others "See, I can do this by myself!!". as long as you're happy.. do it your way, girl... above all, I wish you well!

p/s: Whoever said money can't buy happiness i guess they simply didn't know where to go shopping.. :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...


ويش بتقول؟

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

dram diva

love that comment about whoever said money cant buy happiniess doesnt know where to shop