Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wijih book

So.. i think the whole world has a facebook and well i thought that i might as well make use of this website and share my cartoons and work with the world.. so if you like my cartoons join the group My Cartoons. I am also looking for freelance jobs so here is another group with some of My Work.

Enjoy :) and let me know what you think.

I will be posting some recipes and cooking tips in the next blog :)

so es es essss es

Salam o 3alieeeeeko


Jasmina said...

Greaaatttttt, I have joined the two groups immediately :) I would really love to show the world your work, 7abbait ana :) Good luck lovely lady, ila al2amam ;)

Qabbani said...


done two days ago :P

Leila said...

I love ur blog!! and ur work!! mashaallah alaiki :D hope u dont mind me adding u to my blogroll..

Drama Div@ said... took me awhile to master the it... very complicated at the beginning, for a beginner like me.. :P

Oriental Arabesque said...

dandoon...they blocked facebook in UAE! (how silly!)