Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ya Lahwee Ya Lahwee

It's been a while since i blogged and here are the following reasons...

Lots of work

Lots of na3as
Lots of tabeekh & tabeekh research

i could tell you all about my new cooking adventures , accomplishments & ofcourse my new injuries.. but i would rather share a more interesting story! I also promise to share the recipes with you all inshala b4 ramadan is over..

Now.. why the ghosts in the cartoon? *dino hears wolf howling in the background of her mind and shivers and bites her nails vigorously * spits nails out because its ramdan balash tiftar 3aliehum .. ok too much info! :P

i have been having nightmares... i always dream that there are people living with us only they are not exactly "PEOPLE"...i try not to think of it because i know they can't harm you especially when you read quran and du3a2.. but its just creepy! And when i say i dont want to think of it i think of it more!

*twilight zone music

Do you guys have any creepy stories to share? yala isri3ooni kaman! ma ho na2isni :P


sharifo said...

I dont Have anything intresting to share but i do know the reasons of the nightmares, Heavy Iftar !!
2es2alene...khebra :P

Ramadan Kareem :D

Jasmina said...

Ya 7ayati lesh haik 3am biseer ma3ek? Mom always ask me not to have dinner before sleeping, it would cause nightmares!! I think inno mo lazem tnami ou me3detek maliyaneh my dear. Sweet dreams ;)

Qabbani said...

Wala eshi wad3ek

Nightmares betl3no men kotor al tafekeer , ba3deen u read Quran , so why to scare !!!

any way nami 5afefeh , u dream about Akel , or 2qn3i 7alk 2no ma3ek unlimited power can beat them easy

Qwaider قويدر said...

My uncle, who used to live in our house in Jordan before we moved there. Tried to convince us always that there are Jin living in the corner of my room. A woman and her daughter. He freaked out my sisters and they decided not to stay in that room :) All for my good luck, it was one of the best rooms in the house :D

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

I am very interested in hearing stories about cooking injuries :-) you should be careful

the dreams strangest I had were about "yawm il gyaameh" it happened to me many times.
i also have seen a rat eating a child's head .. that was so weird thing

Wasaski said...

Creepy dreams hmmmm can't think of any right now, but I must the illustration is funny, as usual

Drama Div@ said...

I can't really recall much to tell of my night's dreams... what a waste.... i know..

Dino, night night, sweet dreams and sleep tight!

Anonymous said...

I see dead ppl

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

sharifo you could be very right! hahaha *dino takes note of that very valuable piece of advice and has pleasant dreams Ramdan Mubarak :)

Jasmina :) again you too are right haha wa tell your mom keef ma akol akil zaki iza inti ra7 tutbukheelna? :P

Qabbani yes i have powers wa kaman mumkin a6eer iza bidi :P hehe ma ho ana bionic woman

but u know i think its all in my head

Oriental Arabesque said...

dina relax sweetes and don't think too much.. :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

qwieder ana probably would of left the whole house kaman if the mawdoo3 is confirmed! inshala law villa!

bus6ar gadeem... dreams have meanings and sometimes trying to tell you something... try to see the meanings of the reoccurring dreams fi tafseer ibn sireen.. unless if its a really bad dream.. balash tfasroo a7san

bas sho hada film ru3b rat eating a child's head!!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

3oriental thank u swee6ie :)

ana the moment nifsi anaaam :)

waynik ya mkhada

Asoom said...

hmmmmmm every once in a while I have the 'falling' dream but I always wake up suddenly before I hit ground and I always wake up with my heart beating fast and breathing's weird

Creation said...


Creation said...

Btw, are you going to slaughter your cow on this Eid-ul-Adha? :P

Expated in Dubai said...

Dead people drop by to visit me every once in a while in my dreams. And sometimes I dream of the future when I am at a life juncture so I know beforehand what will happen. For real :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

loool.. about your busy part.. i KNOW what you mean.. i am in the same phase.. no time! maybe since you are in a new home now and everything is new, its weird and a bit creepy.. but you will get through it Dinos akeed :)