Monday, September 03, 2007

HoneyGamar III

So.. as i promised you here is the continuation of the honeymoon post... i would like to see this as the highlight of the honeymoon... it was a rather different experience!

In Koh Samui there was a place with waterfalls and ELAPHANT rides! I also saw a cute yet very jarban monkey and as soon as i got close to him i think he had mistaken me for his mother girdeh hahaha if i believed in past lives and being an animal in my past life i am pretty sure this would make me think i was a girdeh!
ok did i just insult myself? lol

anyway so he hugs my foot and holds on to it even after i raise it and try to shake him off he thinks its a joy ride! i have it caught on tape lol 3anyway.. other than my lost jarban gird i dunno why i made ahmed ride an elephant with me... i remember being on a camel in 3amman and i remember thinking... WHERE IS THE SEAT BELT!

when i was a kid once i fell of a 7mar... nice sa7? brought back memories..

so there were big elephants and there was a few baby elephants... for some reason we rode the small elephant!! hmmm it's scarier than being on a camel! poor thing was probably suffering ana wa a7med are giants in thailand wa this elephant zghantoot like thailandiyeen! i think it was meant for strictly tiny people!

so... the ride began and not only was it me and ahmed on the lovely gelephant!

there was the ( shall we say ) driver who sits on the elephant's head! hehe he had some sort of painful 7adedeh in his hand and he would yell things like " EEEEEEYYYYAAAAA" or " AAAAAAAAOoooooY"
and the elephant would understand!! i learnt a few words!! i can imagine the elephant thinking " MUSh BIKAFEEE ka3id 3ala raseee kaman bitrakib 2 giants 3alay wa mush 3ajbak kol3aaa6 ykal3i6ak!!!"

haha soo then after the elephant had a few stops for breathing.. and after ahmed and i tloola7na from side to side wa sirna hayk milkshake 2ad ma nkhadayna.. the elephant decided to end the ride with a lovely "BATHROOM STOP"....

have you ever been on an elephant while he goes to the loo? ishi kteer raa2i3.. hahahah the man started saying " YOU ARE ON WATA FOO WATA FOO" i was like "whata what??"

HE MEANT WATERFALL il elephant Pee...

jameel jameeel... it was a lovely experience.. the smells were breathtaking.. literally i could not BREATH hahah

but the place was amazing! and it was soo much fun!! i loved everything!!!


zee said...

i have to say that monkey was so cute! and i believe he did think you were his mom :P he was holding itno you with lots of 7anan until he was about to starting eating your foot!!! hehehe

i thought a part of the elephant story was missing *zee says that with an evil smile* maybe you should blog about it later, no?



mazz said...

dino you're crazy! i love your stories!
glad you enjoyed the wata foo

Summer said...

sounds like fun....thanks for sharing your story and picture with us!

Qabbani said...


nice nice , bs sho mashan al Gerd , o pee ,

wallah its a honeymoon :D glad u had fun ;)

Shaden said...

wata foo sounded like khhhtfoo to me (spit). Thank God he meant water fall.

Good to know you had a wonderful honeymoon. Allah yhanneekom :)

**dramadiva** said...
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Drama Div@ said...

been there done that!... did you go to Bangkok or only Koh Samui?

**dramadiva** said...
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and life goes on... said...

I love your stories, but what I enjoy even more is seeing all those creative photos of yours. Unbelievable. And I just like your attention for details. So after seeing this drawing of yours more than once, I saw the elephant's tear.. it made me smile big time! i love your creativity.

alia said...

hhahahaha ya dinoz, i agree with zee...i think u missed out on something ;))) hahahahahahahahaaaa...

Katkout the elephant...probably had some sort of intestinal disorder from all the weight on his back ;)


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

3alaya and zahray bidkum taklo 2atleh shiklkum! hehehe

mazz :) 3o2bal ma tshoof wata foo inta kaman

summer! ahlan wa sahlan glad you enjoyed it :)

shaden LOOOOL hahahha

khtfoo it did sound like that !
ya3ni law kan fil ordon kaan indarab il miskeen!

Qabbani malo il gerd! you know it reminds me of a mathal in jordan " gerd il yis7abak" ahahah

ya3ni yis7abo min wayn? ya3ni how bikoon mashi wa 7ayeeji gerd yis7abo? lol meen ikhtara3 hal mathal?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

drama d we went to bangkok for 2 nights and then koh samui and kopanaga <-- not sure i wrote it correctly! eheh but it was all fun!!

i want to go shop in bangkok again!
lots of nice stuff!!

im sure u had fun there too!

Oriental Arabesque said...

hilarious! tsharda2et with my tea 2ad ma d7eket :')

i don't want to keep on repeating myself by saying how i enjoy the way u tell ur stories and the drawings u put with ur posts all the time..but it's a fact..i really do :))

thanks for sharing ur honeymoon adventures :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

3oriental :) nawwar il bloj :)

haha sa7a sa7a
dina pats on oreintals back to help her get rid of the tasharduqa :p

oreintal glares at dina because her patting is more like beating and is making the choking worse!

Dinos continues to pat clueless of the pain she is putting poor oriental through... till finally she gets the point and stops and says..

"ye waja3tik? ana sorry" hehehe

ok i had oreos this morning... explains a lot

amma15 said...

Wallah You are sooooo funny! I randomly came across your blog and a few others when I googled "arab bloggers"-I'll be checking back!

Miss sea lover said...

kah kah kah...wallah nice

Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

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