Sunday, September 30, 2007


What is "jarabeenophobia"? it is the phobia of "JARABEEN"? jarabeen = Socks in ghazawee or general falasteeni... in jordanian "kalsaat"

3anyway... so let me explain.. ever since i got married i have started doing a lot of laundry and i realized that i hate jarabeen... i hate how they hide in the ghaseel and sometimes in other clothes! What i hate is when you finish the laundry and then realize you have just one fardeh clean other lost somewhere beneath the pile! ARghhh..

i must say... jarabeen have a life of their own... at the moment mush tay2aaahum kolhum!


kinzi said...

Dino, thanks for the new word and giggle! Wait until you have kids, those Jarabeen multiply into mountains, find amazing hiding places. Fortunately, the little jarabeen don't smell like the husband for a couple years.

wonders said...

lol :) they will keep hiding unless u get a small thingy to put them in different than the laundry basket.
As for them getting lost from their soul mate, ask your husband and u do the same, fold them from the top ONLY together, during the washing they will seperate and get cleaned but at least they are washed at the same time :)

Life said...

:D Yeaaaah,, so thats what they call that thing I have :) and thats exactly why laundry is NOT my favorate thing to do.. what about hanging them to dry.. dosnt that have a name! :D

Diana said...

alf mabrook 7abeebti
i know i'm late bas i was very ma3jo2a, sorry
inshallah btithanno ya rab, mwah

Firas said...

No missing ones? Well what happens sometime is that the washer "eats" some of your socks. Basically they go behind the washer drum....

Anyways, Ghazawees says Jarabeen, Kalsat is not exclusively Jordanian nor Palestinian. Ghazawees culturally are more related to Egyptians.

Oriental Arabesque said...

LOOL dandoon..just make a seperate small basket or laundry bag for them, and fold each pair together ;)

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

looooool! Are you planning on having big family ? Just remember your Jarabeeen from now on!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hahha kinzi thank you for that note that has me anticipated for the future with those little jarabeen! you just gave me another reason to not want to have kids right now ! maybe till i master the skills of ghasseel! the idea of those litte ones attacking in my sleep AAh

wonders... i wonders.. lol
seriously there is such a thing.. whoever created it must be brilliant but i am talking about losing them before you even put them in the washing machine lol but i will consider this ! THANKS but if its too expensive ill just staple them together lol

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

life about the hanging that is a different story! they are not big enough to spread or small enough to forget and htey end up falling on the ground each time i try to anshurhum ( dont tell 7amooda) wait i just did ( sorry 7obbi ) lol

Dandoon!! saba7 il khier lol ubt i totally understand you have been a busy bride and mabrook la ilik kaman Rabna yhaneekum

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

firas you are right ghaza has a lot of egyptian words that is why when i talk ghazawee sometime like my mom people think im egypitan

mainly when i say : khubza or la7ma


jurban jarabeen jaraaab jurub koloh wa7ad :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

3oriental iza fe new basket fil mawdoo3 bideesh! lol lish awaji3 rasi haha


shukran 3ala il tashjee3 :)