Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Choco - Coffee Effect

I don't know if what happens to me is normal.. but i doubt it.. when i have any Chocolate or Caffiene intake you can TELL! This image pretty much shows you the EFFECT! It's Magical!
Only sometimes i over dose on the chocolata and well.. there are severe fadee7a consequences.. lol


kinzi said...

'mean' :S

kinzi said...

Dino, I regret my comment, yuck, I think I've been influenced by too much spam lately. Please delete it when you can, sweetie, before I embarrass myself further :(

alia said...

Hahhahah Kinzi you're so cute! I bet you keep coming back to see whether it's deleted or not..don't worry, you're way too decent to be marred by this...but yeah, I understand..Dinoz delete, delete..

and dinoz, ya majnouneeeeeh, mwaa

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

kinzi .. sho hada? lol 3aibo 3iabo

hahaha but i must say it was funny

aloosh loves u btw :)
and dont worry i usually say things i regret instanty just wish it was as easy as deleting posts! :P

alia.... ana majnoooneh bi 7obek :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

btw liesh ma fe comments zay zman? il nass mush tay2aaani?

* tears

kinzi said...

ALIA! You guessed it...Dino saw it...100 visits and no more comments? It was me, blushing, saying 'yella, habeebeti Dino'. Yabayay, basta7i 3anjad. SO glad you still love me. :D

DINO, thanks so much! 3ib sa7iiiha! Be encouraged, you can be married all these years and still be a little naughty (JUST NOT ON-LINE!)When you are nearly 50, like me, one DOES learn to shut mouth before inserting foot regularly.

Shu mal il bloggers? Sleeping? Mish 3arfeh, nafsil no comments 3indi kamaan. Sniff. Sniff BBAAAWWWLLLL.

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

happy new year .. :flower:

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

SOrry i just read your comment below :-) its not that "mish tay2eenik" .. i think everyone is busy.. i have been away from blogging for two months .. and i didn't want look bad and comment on old posts .. personally I like your writings a lot .. i believe many others do the same .. even if they don't comment.

:another flower:

Sharifo said...

This Stuff are great in the Morning..but the night effect is kinda dangerous...
5sosan shakira 3al 3 am...aslo mesh jayene noom !

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

kinzi big LOOL 3alieki.. your secret is safe with me.. i suggest u delete spam regularly hehe mashala married for a long time Allah ykhaleeeko la ba3d... ba3dien it's ok... i dont think its your comments that scared off the bloggers but i think it's my posts :P

Sharifo.. shakira meen wil nas naymeen? hehe i know the late coffee feeling ! i would have my head on the pillow but my eyes are WIDE OPEN and i get this continous laughter 3ala evil laugh lol
shwyaa psycho! hehe

Bus6ar Gadeeem
thank you so much for your comments wish you also have a happy new year and your comment was very sweet..

i am very flattered :)


Maher said...

LoL! i love your pics! do you really draw them ? :P

Oriental Arabesque said...

LOL...i know what u mean cuz i can't open my eyes without my morning coffee..

Anonymous said...

I just got the chance to open the net and pass over here! Da7aktini 3ala ziyaret elkuwait, my relatives in Syria do this always :)

About the comments, it is just that life is getting harder everyday, ou 2osset elblogs battalet fay3a mitel awal, bas akeed makantek bil2lb ma7foza ya 7ilweh ;)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Thanks maher :) yes i draw them myself akeed.. i love drawing cartoons

oriental glad you can relate to my choco coffe effect story hehe bas ana akeed 3indi biseer ashya2 aktar min ba2eet il naas :P

roalaj :) thank you for your comment 3an jad 7asa 7alil SBESHAL :P

syria force feed too? hehe come to think of it baab il 7aara did have a lot of Feeding pressure like

" ibraheem lieh ma 3am btakol ya ibraheem Wleee wleee "


Anonymous said...


Dino$ said...

thanks anono=ymous.. what is wrong with your space bar?

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