Monday, June 09, 2008

Girl$ & BathrooM Talks (oh btw im BACK)

So... after a lot of thinking and hesitation and many messages from people! I really didn't know that many people liked reading my posts. That is why i am BACK!

If you find my blog offensive, and if you think this blog is pointless you can easily overlook it and not visit it.

Now about todays post.. cow noticed that girls usually go to the bathroom in groups.. unlike her cow friends they usually go anywhere and they don't need to take their friends along. So she decided to hide in one of the bathrooms to see what is the secret!

Conclusion is Girls go in groups to GOSSIP and talk about girly stuff like their current crush, boyfriend, or someone who is sitting with them on the table wondering why they took so long in there.

Some girls mostly in jordan choose to smoke in the bathrooms.

Others reapply layers and layers of makeup and spray tons of perfume.

Hope this post was enlighting to many males wondering what was the big secret.


Many more cow adventures to come inshala! It's Good to be Back!


Technogal said...

Welcome back ^__^ Nawar el net!
Ohh I am so in love with your cow. waiting for more adventures.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Welcome back :)

LOOOOOL Baggoora is eavesdropping on the chicks while they're taking care of business!! :)

Summer said...

you made the right decision by coming back. ahlan back!

Anonymous said...

Yay ur back :):):) !!

Lool @ her boyfriend loving her so much he would KILL her for smoking :p

UmmBlog said...

Haha! You and your COW!

Btw, Welcome Back!!!

Maher said...

LooooL! another reason why I thank God that i am a Male! lol

Lutfi? LOOOL! in the background? looooool

Dino$ said...

technnogal :) thank you kteer welcome to this blog at any time.

Qwaider yes she spent the whole day in the bathroom listening to all sorts of conversations!

Summer! yes i know hopefully im here to stay

loolt shofti il 7obb il "7imish"

ummblog :) Thanks

maher lutfi bisalim 3aliek

Anca said...

Welcome back :), I'm glad u made the right decision:)
I like ur cow so much, she is so funny:)

mystique said...

ooohh pink! seriously, i havent come across such a cute blog! :) aur woh bhi baby pink and blue! :) cuteness!
thanx for droppin in at mine...and hopefully i shall be making more apprearances in urs. simply flipped on the images - sp cow's :)
and i was just come u stopped blogging some time ago?

Dino$ said...

anca thanks for passing by again

mystique :) thanks welcome here anytime :)

mayG said...

hey dino$ following you right back from where you landed on our blog and boy am I glad I did!!

such a lovely blog you have here :) don't fully understand arabic in your comic illustrations eventhough I can totally read what it says.. you give me yet another reason to get serious about understanding arabic and inshallah being able to speak it some day too!

be sure to see me around more often and hey don't you stop blogging ok?

Dino$ said...

mayg :)thank you for taking the time 2 comment here. The translation of the cartoon

Blondegirl : wow ! how did you start wearing hijab ! it looks so good on you! Really you make me want to start wearing it too

hijabi-smoker : oh well i have always been a decent girl but my boyfriend "Kimo"insists that i wear hijab because he is the crazy jealous type. And if he saw me smoking he would slaughter me!

Anca said...

Thank you for translation :)))))
Be sure I'll come back here, my way to relax :)

Dino$ said...

Anytime Anca :)

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