Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BLoGgiNg From Work

First time i blog from work!! well we moved to new offices.. as soon as i figured out the way to the other office they tell me we are moving!!! so im back to gettin lost everyday again!! I just designed these two silly cartoons for the bathrooms... FOR male/ female.. Duhhh...

Anyway....yesterday this lady was daydreamin while she was driving and drove into my car... she came down saying " oo sorry emergency break mam" :S i was like its ok ... i understand .. me of all people... i understand lol

So.. that moment.. when she hit my car... i got flashbcks of my life... i saw myself goin to kg... with my mickey mouse lunchbox in my hand... kissin my mom goodbye... then i saw myself with my big glasses that covered half my face... that ofcourse are at the tip of my flat button nose... and dresses that my mom made me wear... then i saw myself graduate.... and then graduate again from uni ... then at work... i saw my whole life pass me by.... *sigh*

i realized how ur life could end in a blink of an eye... how we dont have that possibility in our mind? we know it.. just dont really beleive it... we feel it could happen to anyone .. BUT ME?!

i thought of all the things i felt my life revolves around .. they suddenly seemed unimportant... the things i wanted to have done... the time i wasted... the dreams that just became dust in the wind.... the regrets.. the memories... people i dont want to leave behind.. people who probably would have no clue i existed... these thoughts overwhlemed me..

ok im being a drama queen... but really... that second... felt like a lifetime... i dont wan to die without feeling i have accomplished somethin in this life... *sigh*


mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum. hey i am sorry i dint mean the way u think. i was not being sacarstic i really ment it. may be i dint read wat u actually typed. anyways have a nice day dino..

theone said...

7amdela 3a salamtek

I know that moment u are talking about, I passed it couple of times :D

Btw i liked the bathroom thingy :P