Saturday, May 06, 2006

SH@wermA$ Are ON ME!!

ok.. i did promise you all shawerma for my first salary... and due to the circumstances that i might ever meet any one of u ... here is a pic of me cutting a shawerma up for you guys.. i swear its ME ! no i dont have a part time job as a Shawerma MAn...

yet i did want a pic with the shwerma since i love shawerma soo much ! ehehe

so this was taken last summer... i just cropped the rest of me out... the rest of the pic is me smiling a SIGNAL 2 smile to the cam... lol

i had a weird sense of power when i held that knife lol i remember how i ran to the shawerma guy in jordan and asked him if i could borrow his cutting knife for a pic lol... things like that only happen in my life... im crazy i know...

SO here u guys go... pick up ur CYBER SHWERMAS NOW! :) hehhe enjoy lol

i am soo tired working as a graphic designer i think id make a great 3amo shawerma man !

OH NO just remembered i have work tomorrow !!!!!



wedad said...

this time in my life i could say that i hate shawerma a lot.. i prefer to say this coz iam on diet :D

Dead Man Walking said...


ur crazy ya benet :D

bas ma weselna she :ag:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wedad... seebik min il diet.. eat wahat u want in smaller portions and dont eat at night.. wa drink lots of water.. wa exciercise bitseeri model in no time

DMW.. inta kteer mu6a6alib.. law sama7t ... iqtir7li 7al 3ashan tbatil zan!

wedad said...

thanks for the great advise :)