Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life is Ironic

The older i get... the more i feel life is ironic... how 2 sisters that share the same home and parents could be totally different in so many ways.. and 2 total strangers who live in the opposite sides of the world with total differnet cultures would have soo much in common... i find that amusing.... what even more amusing is how blogs can actually let ppl meet from all around the world... its a small world really... we are all connected in one way or the other...

especially in the arab world.. everyone knows everyone... you meet someone and as soon as they know ur full name they ask u a billion questions on " do u know bla bla"
and u sit there confused and wondering... ok im not good with names.. but even if i was good with names and had a memory that never failed me.. i dont think i would know someone who is probably 50 years old... soo i suggest u call my parents :P

before i used to think it was the environment around you which makes ur personality become what it is.. i think its not that.. its the experiences.. maybe a bit of genetics is involved too... or maybe chocolate intake..hehe i feel whar personally changed me the most is religion and how i apply it in my life... it just gave sense to my life...a sense of direction.. first i was lost... now at least i know where i want to be :) HAmdulilah (Thank God)

May GOd guide us all to the right path always :) Ameen


mudassar said...

that is so true dino. Allah has to show us the straight path. if u want to enter the gates of paradise then u will have to follow the rite path...

Ahmad said...

Mashallah you have a nice blog here, keep up the good work.
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theone said...

well life is always strange

but who said that brothers and sisters should share personalties :D?

i think me and my brother share nothing.


mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum dino. how r u? how have u been. how is work? hey i am really very very happy to kno that u have brain. oh my God u can think !! girls with brains are very hard to find !! i have a sister and i guess we share same personality.. so i guess u r rite about brother sister or sister sister or brother brother sharing the same personality

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

mud u doubted that i had a brain?
are u being sarcastic?
and if u read properly u would notice i said that sisters can be totally different... and not share the same personlalities..... hmmmmm

ne way... work is good.. lots of work.... im ok hamdulilah... i didnt like ur sarcasm...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

the one me and my sis are totally different.. even the way we look! every time i tell ppl she is my sis... they usually say " NO WAY" for halkf an hour.. then another half hour of " OH MY GOD"... then sa3ah " JAD JAD JaD? wala bitkhawati"

till i get out some evidence... like my passport or ID! lol

ahmad.. i added u to my blog list :)