Wednesday, December 13, 2006


i got this today in my mail! lol well i did change the wording a bit! but imagine the drama of the poor katkoot when he sees his cousin/brother after they have turned into a BREAKFAST :S

i know i know ... im delaying the new cartoon... i have been working on something and inshala when im done ill post it :)

i keep getting weird calls.... listen to last nights call..

Me : alo
HIndi Man : ALo Mohamad?
Me: emmm no
HIndi Man : oh sorry... Shukran habibi
Me: *shocked that he is my habibi soo soon! :P

yala guys have a great day :)


saned said...

Me: *shocked that he is my habibi soo soon! :P


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...


Anonymous said...

LOL change ur number! ella eza metsalyeh :P

mohammad :D

MQabbani said...

he's in LOVE ..... :D hehehe expect another call soon then

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

weddo lol i will not change my number... cause then i would run out of stories to post here hehe

thasnk mqabbani for the comforting comment!! ya3ni lieesh ya3ni tfawel 3alaya?

ana aslan im taken khalas ra7at 3alieh

PALFORCE said...


Thats love min awal Alo :-)


Anonymous said...

Don't make fun of him, alright! He's speaking a foreign language.