Monday, April 16, 2007

Life is a SIM card

ok why am i saying that? life is a sim card... a week ago it occurred to me how we are not so different from our phones when i again dropped my phone in water...

just like one drop of water in the wrong place can cause serious damage.. a drop of air in our bloodstream will cause immediate death... a drop of blood in the e brain causes sever brain damage... so we are left like a damaged phone... body is there but the memory is all lost... same phone... no connection to the world.. a body without a soul... or with a soul that is trapped in a body that is too damaged for it to even be seen...

we are more fragile than we realize... how could we be so weak yet so stubborn and ignorant? how could we know of this weakness and still act like we are invincible?
i guess its a blessing sometimes to be this ignorant.. imagine living in fear of death every second...

This past week i have learnt so many lessons.. believe it or not this week i have counted more blessings than i have in my life! i feel truly blessed.. and thankful..

Spending time in the hospital all day, i saw many stories that only made me feel more thankful... stories that happened to ppl and could've happened to anyone of us..

everyday i see a 30 year old man who had suffered from a brain stroke. he has been in the hospital for 11 months now.. and just recently he has opened his eyes and is showing signs of recovery.. i see his family around him everyday teaching him how to eat and speak again..

he has 4 kids and he was perfectly fine.. up until one day at work he was stressed out and had a brain stroke. His little daughter comes to the hospital everyday with a new song and sings it to him. She would hug him and sing to him and his wife said he tried to snap his fingers as she sang to him!

i see kids that are born crippled or paralyzed. And even though they are the way they are they are the most cheerful kids i have ever seen.. laughing and smiling and playing..

i see a 5 year old kid using a walker because she is born with crooked legs... i see an old man who has been in ICU in a coma for 6months and no one hardly visits him.

i see all sorts of people from all around the world and i realize that no matter how different we might seem.. we are all the same.. all holding on to the people we love.. holding on to life.. with everything that we have.

i feel blessed to have a father to worry about... some people are born into families without parents... i feel blessed to have my health and my family and loved ones around me helping me go through this everyday.. i feel blessed that we have enough money to afford a hospital while some people die because they can't afford the costs of hospitals & operations.. i feel blessed that i have faith at times like this when i know lots of people tend to lose their faith in God.. i feel blessed because everything that happens to us happens for a reason & with Faith and Patience (Sabr) God will reward us by taking away from our sins...

al hamdulilah... ina ma3 al 3usri yusra

another blessing is that now with all those ppl calling me i got my contacts back with extra numbers kaman :)


Sharifo said...

Good Morning,
Hmmm..not a good way to start the morning, but you are totaly right, El 7amdulelah 3ala kolshi


MQabbani said...

hey :)

nice talk , o al 7amddellah da2eman wa abadn , how's ur father now ?

Tamara said...

May Allah keep all the blessings you have in your life and give you even more, keep the faith

And May Allah be with you always

Wedad... said...

you're a good person dandoon... I wish you all the best wherever you go..

Allah ysabberkom o y2awmo bel salameh
hope he's better now
:meet wardeh:

rebecca said...

Ya Dino,
I have been praying for you and your family, and will keep you in my prayers. It is a great encouragement to see you focused on thankfulness for God's blessings. May the Lord continue to sustain you and draw you closer to Him. May He bring healing and hope to your father.

and life goes on... said...

When grandpa was in hospital, I also counted my blessings more than anytime in my whole life.. It's through the pains and misery of others that you realise how lucky you are! Each one has a story, and most of them are still brave and smile despite all the physical pain.. they are BRAVE and have more FAITH than anyone with a normal life.

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

dina :hug: we shud always count our blessings, they r custom made for us, everyone has their own set.

when i was volunteering at a couple of places i used to get so inspired at 7 year old kids who suffer types of fatal cancers and they r so innocent and strong.. and 12 year olds who are mentally challenged... stayed teaching one of em how to tie his shoes for 4 months.. until he finally made it..

faith, determination and hope are all key elements to taking us thru this life.. and ur a tuff cookie bannout :hug: God bless!

palo-girl said...

... it's amazing how the sad times always remind us to be thankful.

w inshallah we'll remember to pray for him..

Dar said...

2ad ma 2a3'eeb , yr blog will always remain one of the few ones that i enjoy :) Keep the spirit up ! God bless you and all yr beloved ones


Oriental Arabesque said...

I loved the way you described it Dina….so true and never came to my mind before

Last year, and binafs hada el wa2et exactly, my best friend’s family had a terrible accident when we were back from a wedding party in Dubai (we were in another car..and sub7an Allah when we were waiting at the hotel’s entrance to get the cars from the valet parking, my friend’s mom was asking my mom to come with them in the same car mishan yetsalo sawa 3al taree2!! i'm so thankful she didn't)

Auntie stayed in the hospital for 2 months , and I was going there everyday, and just like you said I saw people with fatal cases, I got heartaches on daily basis. There was this Iraqi girl who was in the hospital for six months not able to walk because both her legs were smashed in a car accident while they were running out from Iraq!

She went through so many operations and was using a painful metal boots and walker to help her walk…but she was always smiling, and I used to see her polishing her toes with bright colors sometimes! Too many other cases kaman…and it only made me feel more thankful for being able to walk on my feet, I felt like I don’t need and don’t want to ask for anything else in life except being in good health and having my loved ones in good health too.

Thanks for the reminder Dina, we should always count our blessings :)

Maisastic said...

Hi Dandoon,
im terribly sorry for what ur going through and i hope a very soon recovery for ur dad allah ye7meeh w ygawmoh bel salameh..

u reminded me with horrible days we spent at the A&E department when my mama suddenly couldnt walk right after we got off the plane coming back from a long vacation in Jordan. seeing muscled strong looking men crying their eyes out after they had a horrible accident was the end of the world to me. it so much effected me for so long.

allah ye7milna our loved ones w yehdina landal remembering our god not only in crisis and delimmas but also in sattleness and happiness..

Mais (dallou3et el mama sabiqan)