Sunday, July 29, 2007


let me start by saying....


now let me just quickly type this before i run out of the house being the bridezilla that i am!!

wedding was supposed to be 100 to 110 people max.... when i went through the list of invited people ( who probably WILL come) 140 PEOPLE!!!! some MINI-Miscalculation!!

or lets say MAJOR miscalculation!

dina : mama how many ppl are your list
mama : ma bitla3ooosh 20 30 maximnum
dina: mama akeed? akeed? 3ashan ba3zim naas kman
mama: aaah aaah

*dina invites more people ( including some who didn't invite her to their own wedding which she regrets very deeply now) lol

later on that day... counting list.... AAAAAAAAH 140.. 30 ppl must stick to the dance floor.. wait.. there is not much dance floor... there is not DANCING lol
ok i guess 30 ppl must just come sit by me and ahmed

anyway... ofcourse im getting not only lovely spots on my FACE but i feel sick and have a major COLD today!! 2 DAYS usually pass by quickly in the normal days you can imagine how FAST they will pass by when u are GETTING MARRIED

IM GETTING MARRIED!! ME ? DINA? pls keep telling me because the thought is not sinking in ... its soo weird... not bad weird.. not twilight zone weird.. just weird..

i wonder what embarrassing things i will do when the cameras are pointed at me for 3 hours.. all my experiences with video cameras and being taped include major embarrassment ! because i tend to do many faces when i talk .. like very expressive faces... that i dont even realize im doing... and when im nervous i SMILE.. like that major signal 2 smile... ok smiling is good but overdoing the smile is just :S GOOFY!




Tamara said...

ALLAH yewafi2kom ya rab : ) take a deep breath and it will all be better than you expected

Summer said...

Alf Mabrouk!! Allah yetamem 3ala 5air inshallha!
wish you much happiness and the best of everything.
it will all go well.
wedding parties are just a social gathering, it should be need to be nervous at will do just great!

Miss sea lover said...

lol....ana en3ajaqet when reading ur it easy iwished to see ur u happiness, small advice...just think of ur groom and 4get all about the others...have a wonderful wedding in sha2 allah

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Allah yewaf2ek.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. it will be one great wonderful day..wooohooooooooooo! its gona be fantastic.. try not to think abt i a lot coz its stressful with only thoughts going and coming.. everything will just go the way you wanted and better..good luck..God bless you :)

MQabbani said...

Alf mabrook :)

o allah yesser lek kol 5er or 3ala ahon al asbaba :)