Sunday, July 29, 2007


ok... yes im relaxed but i need to VENT... list is still way above the limit... all im getting is ppl saying " NO ONE WILL MISS YOUR WEDDING".... ( that was supposed toe ba comforting thought ? : lol what happened to "invite 200 ppl and 100 will show up" lol im kidding if i invited u i wish you can make it... bindabirlkum ma7al ba3teekum my chair kaman... ill keep the 3arees :P

anyway... i would love that everyone i know be there including the bloggers but walllahi its small so if ur not invited its just because its not even a wedding its a small dinner...

anyway... soo i went to the visa consulate today... after getting lost for an hour ofcourse.... jsut to find out that thialand is celebrating some thialand holiday and decide to take 2 days off! the 2 days i had planned on applying for the visa.. so another PLAN of the day RUINED! AAAAAAAH

then i get a call.. from a weird number.. and usually that is not good...


miss X:Dina?
Miss X:Inti madam wala 2anseh
*dino thinking to herself...this is a wrong time for anti's with 3irsan offers
Dina :MAdam... khier?
aah ana baddee 2ilieek ino il ra7 ta3malik sha3ratik fil 3urs saafarit 3omra and ana ra7 2a3milik iyaham...

me HUH? safarat? meen? wayn? who are you?

so the lady who i had booked to do my hair for the non hijabi pics decided to go for 3omra.. now i have this other person who i have no idea about...

anyway... what the worst that can happen? she could easily decide to TRIM my hair and make tisreee7aaaaaaaaaa "ra2i3a" with meeeeesh and weird 7ashwat in the hair... making me look like im part of " cirque de soleil"

i hate it when salon ladies think they know what you want and end up ruining your hair!! or when you say bidi LIGHT MAKE UP.. like INVISIBLE makeup.. the make up that you have to wonder if its REALLY THERE.. she says.. "eh eh ma inti 3arooooooooooooooos lazim makeup 3ashan iltasweer "and before u know it your face looks like a VAN GOGH painting 3alas shwayait zahrat al khaleeej style!!!

yes u said it TASWEER not being spotted through a SATELLITE from outer space! ya3ni all my life i have taken pics... and they look fine ( expect for a few where i have werid facial expressions" but how come yowm il 3urs your makeup has to be INTENSE as in layers and layers.. :P have u girlies out there noticed how when a salon find out u are a bride they charge u extra!! like ok.. how much is hair styling... 200 ok yes ok so will u adjust the tar7a for me.. : oohh Tar7a lala il tisree7a ta3it il 3aroos is 1500!! if not 3000!! HELLO its the same freakin tisree7a?!?!!

ARGH.... 7arameyeen il nass sayreen!!

anyway...i will not let some lady turn my face into merlin manson..i will do do everything my way.... and btw when it comes to makeup LESS IS MORE PEOPLE LOL

ANyway.. then i get a call from my cousin who is coming from amman today... and well.. guess what SHE MISSED HER FLIGHT.. and now she is taking a later flight... which somehow stresses me out more..

sho kaman???? I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED VALIUM.. thanks for your comment forgive me for not replying im just like my cousin said " ur probably running around like a headless chicken" lol

Soo true... :P

today is over so i have 2moro and after wa BASS!! hope there are no last minutre mishaps or surprises.. i hope i dont trip.. since we ARE going up STAIRS.. i hope i dont spill juice on ahmed.. i hope i dont step on the litte girl who will be throwing flowers inforont of me.. i hope i dont step on ahmeds feet when we dance! i hope that my wedding will be perfect... as soon as i have time ill post all the wedding stuff i did!! :) i had the cartoon on the wedding invitation :)

thanks for all ur support guys

Allah yis3idkum


Maioush said...

Alf alf alf mabrook ya rab, I’ve been reading for you for couple of days now, and LOOOOOOOOOOL 3ala el 3aj2a elli 3endek :D …
Hope thing will go ok with you, I know how busy the bride gets before the wedding.. ala ybareklek ya rab :)

MQabbani said...


remind me with my TWO sis wedding alot of crazy things happen but things went so so fine and just great :)

good we guys dont need this al salon thing , cut the hair 7ot 3otor , na3eemen :D

yallh have nice day o 2nsha2 allah kel 2morek myasara ya Modam :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

Bil tawfee2 inshallah ... You're almost there ... Alf al mabrook and maybe the next post you will really be Madam :)

Alf alf mabrook ... and Allah yhanneekom ya rab

Drama Div@ said...

so you're going to thailand for honeymoon... where in thailand? phuket or pattaya...or krabi... they are all so serene and postcard perfect with beautiful beaches... :P

Miss sea lover said...

cool down friend, every thing is going to be fine...just cool down, u'll look great,u'll go in ur sweet romantic strip and u'll step on his feet, but thats ok, it'll give u reason to laugh later, and yes...many ppl who promissed to come will miss ur wedding, it is the cool down...enjoy the moments to the max.

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

Calm down, mam, everything's gonna be okay, you know what, after reading this all your hysterical panic messy prewedding I feel like we guys of male species are so lucky, we never got to this kinda thing of this fuzz too much. All we do before our wedding is going out with our friends enjoying our every inch minute of our last days of being "single".

and uh, it can be by all means looool.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

zakarteeeny b fatret abel 3ursi..about the salon, the lady who did my hair was busy with someone for a small haircut and a sishwar! i was maaaaaaad.. eno y3ne halla?? msh ana 7ajzeh men el subu7.. but my hair was done in no time.. so was the make up.. but it was just the pressure.. i was worried about the number of people too.. but the perfect number only appeared.. when ur in the wedding you wont even remember the faces that were there..with who u danced, or took photos with..

btw you'll go to the same places in Thailand?

It will all be great believe me.. etwakaly 3a Allah :)

Maher said...

merlin manson!!!!!!
ta7sheeeeshhh!!! ana galabet looooooooooooooool

jad hada marlin manson be7oooo6 makeup aktar men el 3aroooss!!! looooool

Anonymous said...

Thailand?i didn't like it at all and i wouldn't take my family there, it's no good for Muslims.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

maoiush im always ma3joooGGGGA but when u are getting married multpily the 3ajga by 100000000

Allah ybarek feeki

MQ guys have to just come! i7na il 3aliena il planning the details and il girlie preperations

qwieder :) its funny to read this now yes 3adat 3ala khier :) al hamdulilah

dd thialand was amazing!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

miss sea lover u know now i can say you were totally right! i was stiff when i danced! many things did go wrong but its all something to laugh and blog about later hehe still i think it was perfect

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

someguyfromal qaryeh akeed being a guy is easier hehe! inti inbistoo wa i7na nseer psycho-brides

mrs al rmaahi :) tli3na zay ba3d be kteer ashya2 ! salon ladies are always bardeen when u are freaking out! hehe alf mabrook to u too!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

maher haha galabet wayn ! haha yes he is definitely imakyaj aktar min il 3arayais kolhum ma3 ba3d!!

anonymous... when you say its not a place for muslims... u are right.. but then again even islamic countries seem the same these days.. i can hardly tell the difference..