Sunday, August 26, 2007

Car Trouble

Ok.. i promised honeymoon adventures but there is "khabar 3aaajil" breaking news hehe that interrupted my train of honeymoon thoughts...

remember how i i blogged once about my last car getting canceled in a car accident.. i forgot to mention i recently got a new CAR... that is not the khabar.. the news is that my new carcareeero.. :(---- 3a6laneh! there was an oil leakage and i dont even know how it happened.. yes i sometimes daydream when i drive and im not exaclty the best driver which makes all fingers point at me when things like this happen but really im innocent! i have no idea what hit the car! :(--- its new!!

not only that it got scratched 2 huge scratches in the PARKING!When i say scratch i don't mean those down with a key.. like MAJOR SCRATCH! ALLAH ysam7ak ya b3eed!

i park and wake up the next day to surprises! PEOPLE if you scratch someones car leave a NOTE or actually LOOK WHEN YOU TURN! ifffffft

i started thinking of other ways to get to work that don't involve car scratches oil leakage or speeding tickets! :P You know off the topic you know when you are following someone to somewhere ( not following as in psycho killer stalker following) but folloowing as in for directions.. and you end up on a roundabout... don't you get annoyed how you always end up waiting for like 10 mins after they pass?! or when you are at a traffic light and it turns RED right after they pass!? or when suddenly all the buses trucks and cars in the world decide to CUT IN FRONT OF YOU!!

AAAARGH.. sho hada?!

Ofcourse bagarti is back in business! She has had a hard time getting over the fact that i'm married! But now she adjusted to the new lifestyle :)


Drama Div@ said...

Sorry about that new car getting messed up, Dino! Oh, poor you, quite badlucky indeed. I hope the car isnt too badly damaged.

CreditDriver said...

Driving a car is always great! I like it. But such unpleasant accidents like scratches, small dents, etc, makes me upsetting. I was in the same situation twice and they had made me dissapointed. Now I drive more carefully and responsibly.

Oriental Arabesque said...

Oh dandoon, tell me about the scratches! It happens to me & to my mom allll the time :( 7aram my mom's car is brand new and it got scratched like 3 times in less than 2 months! :((
Not just scratches we used to nla2eeha mat3oojeh ta3jaat mratabeh that needs to be send to the workshop for a week or so!!
I so much hate those irresponsible drivers!!
and lol @ the scenario when following someone for directions!! exactly wallah :D

btw, i tagged u ;)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

DD yes luck has not been on my side the car should be fixed soon hopefully... :( sigh

creditdriver... good for you.. glad it was not serious.. we all should drive safely.. *dino writes that as a reminder to self

shooo malhom il naas !! bala thowq! :(--- ya3ni binakdo 3ala il wa7ad!! i keep thinking maybe maybe there is someone out there hayk waits for ppl to get new cars wa JAKARA he dents and scratches their cars 3alashan ynakid 3aliehum!!

:(--- bidi sayartee tirja3 saleemeh..

Jasmina said...

Akh, my car had the scratches all over it after two days from buying it, and the problem was that my car was BLACK!!! I just didn't paint it again because that evil person will scratch it again :S so 3adi, take it easy.

Yalla waiting to hear about your adventures then you have to answer the tag ;)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

jasmina sorry for the late reply ! salamit your car!!

i7ziri sho kaman?! when i took my car to service they returned it with a NEW SCRATCH!

sho hal hazz!! they better fiz it wala ba3uddhum :P