Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Back

MISS ME? ana back!! ok i dont even know where to start with the wedding or the honeymoon adventures but lets start with the WEDDING!!

so after stressing out and planning and freaking about about the little details things always turn out different and no one even notices those little details you freak out about and you spend your time tense on your kowsha when people didnt even realize if the cd has played twice or the other changes in plans...

so the day passed by soo quickly it was the quickest day of my life! i invited more people that the hall could fit and that was the major thought that occupied my mind the whole time.. so when the zaffa started at first i didnt see much people.. then suddenly i saw a LOT OF PEOPLE!! and people could tell from my face that im thinking " OH MY GOD WAYN RA7 yu23odooooo kol hadol!! there are not enough seats!!"

inforont us in the zaffa i had my friends cute 6 year old girl throwing flowers.... wel that was the plan and my cousins 2 cute kids were holding candles infront of us... in the middle of the zaffa the cute little girl decides to tug at my dress and say " ANTI ANTI sho 2a3mal wayn aroo7".. * dina smiles at camera and glares at the nearest family members to save the scene... family member are too caught up in the zaffa they don't really notice the GLARE or the GIRL lol .... the other 2 kids seem to be having trouble keeping the candles still.. soo i could see the flame heading towards the camera mans head and im thinking " hareeeeeeeeega!!" soo then all the kids come to a halt and i'm thinking yes zaffas are supposed to be slow but are we supposed to stop?! sooo ofcourse no one noticed my glares of " HELP" and i actually had to give the kids a little push on the back fi nus il zaffa to MOVE!! LOL

sooo... after the zaffa there was an entrance song supposed to be played WHEN WE GET In.... as we were standing outside waiting for the people to get back to their seats i HEAR " TUleeeeeeeeeeeeeee bil abyad TUllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya zahrit neesan" and im thinking " TAL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN Lisa walum lisaaaa" ahhaha

so after almost half the song finished playing and people got back to thier seat we played it again at the RIGHT time.. lol again things i thought people would notice went wrong!

so then... after the zaffa 3adat 3ala khier no tripping no fires no stepping on little kids... we sat and infront of us was some yummy looking food! And each time ahmed and i tried to eat a lu2meh! people came for pics!! i just had one lu2meh and then the food was taken away.. :(----

oh oh cake time .... the cake ofcourse had a hijjabi with shades... done by me ofcourse and well the sword was big but no injuries al hamdulilah... there was a slight problem though when we attempted to give each other a sip of JUICE... from my side everything was okay.. i aimed at ahmeds mouth and the straw was easy to capture but ofcourse ME.... i looked so silly like a fish following bait as ahmeds hand was a bit far away from my mouth and i had my mouth open trying to get the straw of 3aseer in my mouth! lol mom saved that scenario after like 2 minutes of struggling! sure it was on video to horrify me later lol

what else..... yes there were some people sharing seats.. some people sitting on the wrong tables.. some kids who were not supposed to be there were there... but in ther end it was a nice wedding.. the food was great ( i heard ) and the people had fun.. it was a small dinner and people said it was cozy and classy... i will post pics of the hall decoration and the giveaways too :)there were chocolate boxes on each table with our honeymoon cartoon on it! ( no cow though) i will post a clearere close ups of the boxes & post-its soon :)

for now here is the cartoon that was inside the wedding invitation & some wedding pics :)

here is the mini-kowsha i did ! i made mini seats for the pens out of clay and covered them with cloth and the same ribbon that was on the seats! ofcourse the pens too are designed :) and you know that little golden thing next to the mini flower bouquet was not supposed to be there.. another mini mistake lol :)

these cartoons were circles one attached to the wedding invitation (front/back) other to the chocolate box :)

so WE ARE MARRIED! and it went WELL! i wish i was less tense thought because no one noticed anything but the food :)

CAN't wait to tell you all about THAILAND!!!

Coming Soon.. Dinos shares how she spent the honeymoon recovering from a VIRUS!


MQabbani said...

Alf alf mabrooook :) , o berafh o la banen for both of you :)

o 7amdellah 3a salameh :) ,

wish u a happy life full of smiles and happiness

sally said...

alf alf alf malyon milyar balyon mabrook!
actually i always read ur blog but never leave a comment ..mbroook kteeeeeeeeeeeeer w ya rb lah ywafe2kom,i live in dubi by the way :)

Mohanned said...

Alf mabrook and enshalla bel rafah wal baneen:)

sally said...

oh .. w 7amdelah 3l salame .. w 3o2bal el babies:)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Ya alf mabrook .... tithanno ya rab ... This is gorgeous ...

Allah yhanneekom oo yis3edkom

Summer said...

Alf Mabrouk!
good to have you back, that was great read. yalla, work on your honeymoon post so i can read it...looking forward to more pictures...yes?

kinzi said...

Hiya Tufa7a!

Dino, Ahmad, TOO CUTE!!!SO creative, so clay-vah, your individual mark of a unique artist was EVIDENT!


nido said...

Alf alf mabrooook:) Allah yihanneeekom ou yibarik zawajkom:) Your post was hiarious!! and yr clay work and designs are so creative! I'm glad you had a great wedding:)

7aki Fadi said...

Mabrook :D , everything looks great!

And lol @ the 3aseer thing, 3anjad da7aktini ... your description was funny, and I am sure it was not that bad :)

ramroom said...

WoW.. So Creative ma sha'a Allah..Very nice touches :)

lool at the zaffah part :D

Alf mabrouk

and life goes on... said...

wooow~ sho creative and unique!! alf alf mabrouk.. can't wait to hear about Thailand. The cake, cartoons, and everything looks very nice!!! mabrouk! :)

Who's-sane! said...

mabrooooooooooooooooook!!! and LOL @ the wedding confusion ... but glad things went just like you want ..

the images are amazing too :D

Wedad... said...

Very nice :D

yalla el kol bekoon tense b 3oroso :P but i'm glad everything went great

Mabroook :hug:

Oriental Arabesque said...

alf alf mabrook dandoon...the pics look so nice..ur special touch & creativity is so clear too..ya3teeki alf's not easy taking care of all these small details..
i'm waiting for the honeymoon post and pics :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Alf Alf Alf mabrook! Allah yehannekum o yewafe2kum! Sounds amazing.. o your designs are very nice.. yalla yalla what about Thailand!! Did you go to the same places?? yalla post :)

Life said...

3an jad raw3aaaaaaaaaah..

very smart!! Allah ehannekom!

raeef said...

mabrook madaaam dino :P
enjoy shahr el 3asal

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

alf mabroooooooooooook dandoun! i know its late but havent been roaming the blogosphere like i shud :D

nshala the beginning of a beautiful 'ever after'

Drama Div@ said...

Dear Ahmad and Dino, Congratulations! i'm so happy for both of you and your families. i'm wishing you much FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE. May Allah bless you and hold you in the hollow of his hand as you begin your life together.

Best Wishes, Drama Div@.

Miss sea lover said...

wala seems it has been a great wedding full of creativity...good for u indeed...