Monday, August 27, 2007

In6agieeet Again :)

Been Taggeg by 3oriental and JasMinO

i have to mention at least 5 smells i really love... hmmmm khaleeni afakir... bas 5??

the smell of ti2layet il towmeh (garlic) when you cook molookhiyeh especially when you are starving!!! Of course i don't mean after you eat it and your breath smells like many unpleasant things lol

the smell of al nadafa... mostly the smell of clean clothes ( with softner )

the smell some hair conditioners & bath oils especially when it's a good hair conditioner gives you a whiff every once in a while like a sunsilk ad

ta ta ta ta taraa raaaa raaaaaa

the smell of scented candles

the smell of anything that is made out of CHOCOLATE

the smell of BAnzeeen * dina twitches wipes nose with her sleeve :P

the smell of Super glue & markers! hada ana tli3t JUNKIE!

* after this dina enrolls in a support group by the name " ana ba7ib ashim floooooomaster " then goes to " no more banzeen " group


Oriental Arabesque said...

hahaha...creative & lovely as usual :))

Wasaski said...

Interesting site, I went to your other site Dino Writings and there was some wondreful poetry there, but it has not been anyhthing new since last year :(

Qabbani said...

same last two and add Banzeeeeen :D

am glad that all enjoy my Tag :)


Life said...


Had 3an jad ente Junkie ya bent..
Funnny funny post 3an jad..

aham she el chocolate! Its the best!!Yummmmiiii

I want one of your wedding chocolate boxs :D

Wedad... said...


and life goes on... said...

wow.. this is CREATIVE!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

oriental 3yoonik il creative :P

wasaki.. i promise to try to write agin i dunno i felt it got too personal and i decided to keep my writings to myself.... but you know what.. maybe i will start soon :)

qabbani... its your tag? tab ya3ni sho il khatar 3ala balak?!

life ma dalish ghier kam min wa7ad i think fadyeen kaman lol
ab3atlik dhl?

weddo and lifegoeson :) yislamo

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

finally someone loves ree7et il banzeen metli! :D ebgi deleeni 3al 'no more banzeen' group when u finally enroll :D

lool at the first pic, lady garlicerty :)