Wednesday, August 01, 2007


its 12:50 AM.... i would say my wedding is 2moro but its actually today... I AM GETTING MARRIED.... the more i say it doesnt help me realize that its going to happen lol it's like ive been to many wedding only this time im the 3aroosa! weird! so all those people who will clap and zaghrit will be zaghirting for me?!

i need to sleep i SHOULD be sleeping right now but guess WHAT!? i can't.. i keep thinking of scenarios and possible mess ups! like for ex the CD being exchanged by mistake with some weird SONG like " sean paul" or BOMBASTIC or even some weird CD with the sounds of Nature .. * suddenly crowd hears sound of waterfall and horses

dina raises her (very heavy) dress and runs to Audio man.. " WALAK MUSH HAADA IL CD"
or even worse if i really have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the zaffA! ( i usually feel like going when im nervous) ( Someone remind me why im sharing this with the world) lol like excuse me zaffa people can you wait 5 minutes till i go and powder my manakheer!?

or even worse like im holding the sword with ahmed to cut the cake and some lady sneaks up from behind us with no prior alarm or notice she zaghrits the most egptian zaghroota in the world.. and ofcourse nervousness + zaghroot + sword = THAT CAN'T BE GOOD LOL

again remind me why we have to cut the cake with a deadly army weapon?

i just had flashbacks of all the weddings ive been to... all typical... couples slow dance people cry... ( i cry too at weddings there is just something about seeing somene get married that seriously makes all girls cry) here is why :

married women cry because they got married and single women cry because they WANT to get married

then people complain why the food is soo late... food arrives and people still complain about something.. " il wara2 3inab mush zaki" or " yee il khubuz baarid" then well they all form a "crtique session" and start discussing the bride's dress and makeup and ofcourse each person shares the info they know about the bride and groom and how they met and who loves each other more... bla bla bla...

then some kid crys somewhere and ofcourse we all KNOW where those babies should be right now! FIL DAR MAKHMOOODEEN! :P

and ofcourse there is always that person who is in the video and the wedding that NO ONE knows.. bride's side assume they are with the groom and the groom assumes they are from the bride's side of the family!

aah i can go on forever about weddings lol and well i should SLEEEP.. today i had some sort of nervous breakdown when i tried the dress... hoping i dont get anymore nervous breakdowns!!

WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE! i promise to show u all cool wedding things i did as soon as this night yi3adee 3al khier :)

ok that was too much


when they say beauty sleep does it mean if u dont sleep enough u will turn ugly

i will not be posting for a while but inshala i will as soon as i get a chance with ALL WEDDING DETAILS.. hope i dont have weird stories to share!


and life goes on... said...

mabrouk.. mabrouk.. mabrouk! wish you all the best.. it's your special day and it ends so quickly so try to be awake and enjoy every single minute..

in that particular day time flies x 1000000! it's funny but true.. enjoy it all and relax, nothing of the weird strange scenarios will happen! it will be smooth, nice and the best day in your life.. :)

Who's-sane! said...

mabroooooooooooooook!!!! You're such an extremist Dino, LOL! It's either REALLY bad news, or REALLY good news, I'm glad it's the latter this time! :D

Have a BLAST, will you?

Summer said...

Alf Mabrouk!
You might not read this for a while...of course you will be busy with the honeymoon! Enjoy and wish you a life full of all the happy things in life and many many cute kids too!

MQabbani said...

Afleh*100 mabrook :) again

dont think too much or things happen with u :)

allay yeser lek o yhaneki o 3atool Smile and happy

Miss sea lover said...

lol..wallahi u made me, highly active post, i felt the energy flooting while reading liked the thing u said about women craying in weddings, lol...
wallahi got excited just reading ur wondered if i were u am i going feeling the same...again wish u luck, happiness and endless love....

mazz said...

imagine a homer simpson saying that
that's what comes to mind right now as an image of you stressing out

you'll be fine
you'll have the time of your life
you'll remember all the good things
you're getting married! no ex of his is going to run through the crowd and yell "HE'S MINE!"
so sit back, relax
and ENJOY!
you won't even care if the wedding cake's on fire!
best of luck Dino
and don't spare no details :D

Shaden said...

congrats sweety! relax and have fun, this YOUR wedding not anyone else's. And share the experience with the rest of us when you can :O

God bless.

Jasmina said...

7abibtiiii alla yewaf2ek ou yeb3atlek mala2ikeh t3inek ya rab :) I'm sure you will look gorgeous ;)

kinzi said...

Dino, it must be happening as I type, I am lifting a prayer for you and the lucky-duck of a hubby as you all celebrate God's goodness through your life together!

ramroom said...

Alf mabrook :)

Digital Nomad said...

OMG, your wedding day is already over! Mabruk a million times, may Allah always keep you and your beloved as happy as you were on this day, may He always keep you as spontaneous as you are here and now, and may He always have such happy excitement for you! Ameen!

Wallahi, I feel like crying, but I can't coz I am smiling so wide! :D

Alf alf Mabruk!

D said...

Congrats... waiting for the wedding details :D

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

alf alf mabrook! woooohooo!! nothing is left.. everything will turn out great.. God Bless :)

SimSim said...


al. said...

looool just saw this crack me up..7abeebty you looked beautiful, your wedding was beautiful, and the food was beautiful too hehehe too bad you didn't eat, you missed it're probably swimming in some private pool now, ENJOY!!!

Mala2e6 said...

الف مبروك دينا ان شاءالله يمشي العرس متل ما بدك

اه صحيح تو ليت فور ويشز انا جاي متاخرة

اتمنى كل حياتك تكون سعيدة و تمشي متل ما بدك

و يالله مستنيين التفاصيل

Wedad... said...

wish you all the best :hug:

alf mabrook o inshallah bemro2/mar 3ala 5air o you enjoy/ed it komayaat :D

Drama Div@ said...

Congratulations, Dino!

Here's to a great marriage!

Wishing both of you years of marital bliss and all the best things marriage can bring abide in yours.

God bless you both!

ArabLady said...


nido said...

Alf mabroook! I'm sure it was the best day of your life!!!
Can't wait to read your coming posts after marriage;)
Best wishes:)

Ta2e3 said...

alf alf mabrook, inshalla y3addi kul shi 3ala 5air..

palo-girl said...

my list of favourites got deleted a while back
and ive been searching for ur blog for ages!!!
ya allah!!
a5eeran i found it!!

hi :)

palo-girl said...

oh and i just read ur post


Allah yhanneekom w yorzoqkom ilthoriyyeh i99al7a :)

im so happy for uuu!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wow :) thank you all for your kind words! so sweet! i actually checked my blog for comment on the wedding day and got to read most of the comments b4 the wedding :)

i considered having a connection to the kowsha to blog live from the wedding so you guys dont feel left out :P

hehe again thanks for your comments