Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Wedding PIcs

here is a closer look at the post-it giveaways i did for the wedding with a pic of the zaffa and cutting the cake :) the zaffa people were very good! they kept saying something then "A7maaaaaaaaaayyyyyd" and i remember when they left the ballroom they did a zaffa group hop to the door!! hehe

I LOVED OUR WEDDING :) nifsi kaaan akol basssssss all i had was shrimpayeh 7azeeneh ! people are still telling me how good the food was!*sigh* next wedding im going to bug the bride and groom and i will not let them eat!!!

i used to always wonder why the bride and groom leave when the boufet is served! it is because if they stay in the hall they will not EAT!!! lol

i forgot to mention the bouquet i was holding weighed at least 5 kgs! im serious it had some wires in it or something! by the end of the zaffa my hand was shaking and people thought i was nervous! i wasn't nervous i was IN PAIN! lol

at the end they asked me to throw my bouquet... i decided not throw it in case if it landed on someones head and caused instant death of the poor bride to be!


Mazz said...

looks like a wonderful wedding :)

i tried to find a place to send you an email but to no avail!
are you my second cousin by any chance? cause, i do have one that's a dino, kinda tall, looks like you and if i remember correctly does have a magical bond with chocolate and is quite as quirky as you are!

MQabbani said...

Nice :)

hadol al zafeh like yali hone be3amman :D

nice card kaman :)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Alf alf mabrook .. the wedding looks magically gorgeous

allh yhanneekom ya rab

loolt said...

I am an occasional visitor here, hope it's ok for me to give my mabrooks too :)

Inshallah you will both be very happy :)

digital nomad said...

Gorgeous! You are stunning, and mashaAllah your wedding was as beautiful as you! :D

kinzi said...

Shukraan ya Rabbi, Ahmad is tall too!! You will beautify the earth with your babies! Thanks for more photos.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

lovely! i LOVE zaffah's! you look so sweet by the way :)

Jasmina said...

Ya raito 1000000000000 mabrouk ;) Alla yehannikom ma3 ba3d ou yebareklkom bi7ayatkom. So happy for you :)

Drama Div@ said...

What else to say, well again MABROOK! You two seriously make a wonderful picture Perfect couple, so cute and so madly in love. Cant wait to read your post on your honeymoon!

Oriental Arabesque said...

alf mabrook again :) and ya 7aram 3al heavy bouquet! :( i felt bad for u...

Maher said...

sorry for being late.

mabrooook o inshallah you guys will have the best days of your life ma3 ba3ad :>

Chasing Children & Recipes said...

Essalam Alaikum,

Congratulations! Funny blog and nice pictures!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

mazz :) i already answered u and yes i am the cousin... lol small world!! who would of thought i would find family members through my blog

mQ ta3oon 3amman shway bkoon darebbeeen booz aktar bas wa thalik howa al farq al wa7eeed

qwieder thank you soo much wa 3o2balak iza 3ayiz lisa

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

loolt ahlan wa sahlan anytime its always nice to know there are silent readers out there

digital nomad * blush blush

thank you so much

kinzi thank you sweetie! not thinking about kids anytime soon :P but inshala they will be cute!! probably tall kaman!

mrs al ramahi tislami :) 3yoonik il sweet

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

jasmina allah ybarek feeki :) 3o2balik inti kaman

drama d :) my loyal reader :) hehe thank you for all your sweet comments!

3oriental :)the bouquet was a nice sory to share so its okay hehe as long as i didnt throw it on anyone 7asal khier :)

maher thanks 3o2 balak ma you find the one and are ready for this lifelong commitment..

chasing children & recipes

thanks :) and btw i have been chasing recipes ever since i got married! lol probably will chase my children when i get them!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Salam Miss Chocolate! Or should I say Mrs Chocolate! lol

Alf mabrook on the wonderful news. been a while since I was here and glad to see a pleasent surprise. You looked fab! mashallah :)

God bless you both with happiness and health, ameen.