Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After almost 2 years of working in a pharmaceutical and doing things like Diabetic Foot Brochures and seeing images of amputated feet, ulcers and all sorts of infections ALL OVER THE BODY. when i say all over i mean ALL OVER!!! Ewwwwwww

So... yesterday was the day i decided to take the step of leaving. And well today i finally RESIGNED. And i think its the best choice i ever made. I was simply staying for the wrong reasons and i can do so much better.


OKay Anyone have offers in D0ubai?

I prayed istikhara last night and i feel so relieved.


At least for a month till my month notice is over :)


Jasim said...

As long as innik mirta7a... Congratulations. :D

Abed. Hamdan said...

la3allo khaaair...o balaki hal araf...aslan I feel dizzy when I smell medicine..ensi..work with graphics design since u have the talnet..bl tawfee2...try www.bayt.com and monster.com

Qabbani said...

الله يختارك يلي في الخير :)

و يجمعك بشي متل مابدك و احسن ان شاء الله

Anca said...

It's very difficult when u r not please with ur job, but I have the feeling, that u got a kind of relief now.
I wish you goog luck :)

Maher said...

i dont know how these things work, but shouldnt you find another job before you quit?
i am still knew to the working field :S

HeNnNnOoOoOoOoO said...

try applying to index.ae they are looking for an Arabic designer after ..
HR e-mails is hr@index.ae
good luck!

wonders said...

send your portfolio to the creative agencies, they're always on the lookout for creative people.
that is if you are intersted in working in the advertising industry

Arab Lady said...
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Amjad Wadiِ said...

This cartoon is not accepted!!!

where is baggoura?

That is a brave decision good luck in your job hunting :)

Dr.invisible said...


mmkn tedwerili m3aki for a job but in Egypt :))

I am pharmacist too but I shifted my career long time ago

I like ur blog and will be a regular visitor isa

Good luck wiz the job hunting

asoom said...

hmmm I wonder what your animations for those brochures look like, I can't imagine them being not funny but how can bodily infections be funny? Any cows?

Dino$ said...

jasim thanks yes i feel like weight has been lifted off my chest!

Abed inshala ya rab i will something that is in my field and i will make sure it doesnt involve FEET!

Dino$ said...

qabbani :) that was the nicest da3wa Allah yisma3 minak wa yis3idak dinya wa akhra :)

anca thank you for always leaving a cmoment and yes i am soooooooo happy i made that decision and i feel God has a better plan for me

Dino$ said...

maher yes you are right the right way is to find a job sign a contract and then leave. But in my case it was more like a PRIDE issue. I had a fight with my boss and i would rather be jobless and even broke rather than work for that company. i believe that in any working environment there should be professionalism where people communicate with each other professionally rather than yell and act like they rule the world.

i will not accept being treated with disrespect. I will not accept settling for less than i deserve. And well conclusion is there was a line that was crossed and i made the right decision.

Dino$ said...

amjad bagoora is away from the fans for a while in her secret hideaway. will be back soon :)

hehe i will send her your regards and some 7asheesh from other fans

Dino$ said...

dr inta fayn mush shayfak? li2anak invisible.. tan ta ra ra an tan tan


hehe ok yes very lame...

iza inta pharmacist wa sibt il shughl! lol

bas ala2eee job ill DHL to masr :)
glad you like my blog.

Does your visibility have anything to do with you not finding a job?
In interviews do they SEE YOu?

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

Hey Dino inshallah tkoon 5otweh mnee7a ilik w in this month tla2i elly 3m bitfatshi 3aleeh .
w mabrook .. :D

Dino$ said...

dandooneh sho hal nickname il 7ilo :) hehe thank you very much inshala Allah yjeeb il fi il khier

Anca said...

Dear choco :),
you don't have to thank me, it's my pleasure to visit your blog ;)
Maybe you have time to visit mein also, by the way I have "HOT NEWS".
I wish you from the bottom of my heart to success on the new way!!!

Dr.invisible said...

Loool actually in egypt the pharmaceutical comp. dont c anyone except el m3ahom wasta

so mahma ur CV is wahmy nd stuff u r still invisible for them

That's why Im working in another field now beside kam shift keda ina pharmacy so not to forget drugs

El pharmacy bahdela :))

Mony The Angel said...

another pharmacist looolll
azaiek 3amla eh :cute2:

as jasim said,
as long as u r happy,
it's a good decision (y)

Dino$ said...

anca i passed by your blog more than once but im sorry i dont usually know what to comment.

Dr invisible wasta is everywhere these days. Wasta is the reason ppl with no qualifications are sometimes in the highest positions while other talented people are invisible looking for jobs ! haga ti2rif

mony you are also a pharmacist? ana graphic designer mush pharmacist :)
my mom is a doctor and i have worked in a pharmaceutical company for 2 years which is why i know where you come from :)

yasaminatdimashq said...

Resigning requires us to be brave enough, I don't know why but it does. Alla yejma3ek bi shi a7san 100 marra.

Dino 7abibti how is your dad doing?

Dino$ said...

yasminati you are right we have to b brave enough to take this step or we will stay in the same place and same job and next thing you know 10years have past and you r unhappy and wondering why you settled for less than you deserve.

And alhamdulilah baba is slowly showing signs of improvement and
awareness. Allah yishfeeh

Dino$ said...

henooooo i am sorry sorry i think i skipped your reply by mistake i applied to index thank you very much!!!

Arab lady i have been jobless beofre but inshala Allah biyaser a better job soon :) i dont mind a break

wonders i did thank you for the advice :)

*Group HUg

Anca said...

Hi Choco, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your honesty:) Any kind of question are more than welcome:)

neutron said...

All the best and I'm sure you'll be fine. Besides, anyone who can put up with brochures of amputaded feet and ulcers for two years is gotta be tough.

khaki said...

blog is brilliant!

UmmBlog said...


sea life said...

Whoaoooo :) Great blog! I love your cartoons!!!

Dino$ said...

Anco :) Anytime :)

neutron i wish it was just FEET :)

Hamdulilah its over now! 10 days and ill be outa here!

khaki :) thank u very much

Ummmmblog what does whoa stand for :P just kidding

its a compliment to get a "Whoa" from anyone :)

Same goes to you sealife

The cartoons love you too

Anonymous said...

I wish you will never have a job, life and end up miserable.


Fa6ma said...

So KOOL!! I hate my job,, I wish I could go elsewhere (but not less money =p)