Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cow Afro Adventure

For those of you who are new to this blog, you are probably asking the same question which is " WHAT'S UP WITH THE COW?" Your answer is in this old post that will clarify how my cow obsession started :)


So, well to those who already know Bagoora and are waiting for her new adventures. She has become quite famous and has started avoiding her fans by wearing AFRO hair and sunglasses only every once in a while someone realizes who she is and yells out " BAGOORA"!

She is not liking the fame too much and says that she misses lying in the 7asheeshat without someone following her with their video cam.

You know some people are affected by fame and become snobby, but bagoora will never let her fame and fans change her. It's so funny how some people go through extreme life changes and still are the same and they don't let life change them. While others go from extremes without really going through any major life changes.

Il muhim sometimes people are forced to change to be able to survive in this world.

Keef 2alabt drama? okay so back to COW. she is not for sale. and she is does appreciate being called " EISH YA SHAWERMA"



Piú giú, in fondo alla Tuscolana...!?...passavo per un saluto!

Dino$ said...

يسعد صباحك روزا ويش بتقولي؟ ممكن مترجم
saluto fhimit

Salotayn tintayn :)

loolt said...

loool :D @ eish ya shawerm... classic

Dino$ said...

haha yes in comparison to "eish ya khasseh" or "eish ya baglawa"

neutron said...

Glad to hear bagoora's keepin it real.

Anca said...

I just love your cartoons :) Very glad to hear that the lovely cow didn't loose her head because of fame :) (like other do)

Dino$ said...

nuetron and anca

thanks for the comments cow sends her regards and autographs :)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

The other day I wrote a comment here, then just before I submit it, something bad happened and I just decided to shut down my laptop :-) ..

You should stop eating beef :-)

Dino$ said...

amjad about not eating beef.Well i try not to in front of bagoora because once she says i ate her uncle in burger king.heehhe
ba3deen what is the bad thing that happened inshala khier wa tkoon ijat saleeemeh inshala

ba3edein mush a7san il 2areeb yakol wala il b3eed :) ana awla li2ani ba7ib il bagar :)

Anonymous said...

loooooooooooooool dandoon you cracked me up 3ala hal subu7....I can so see your face typing the 'weish bitqouli?' hahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3anjad innek 7ashasheh...isma3i come to 3ammaaaaaan ta7sheesh ilnas houn, you'll blend in like magic hahah...once you get through the sadmeh of how people act, you'll start finding it very funny..oh btw, I have a new term for you...inty wa7de WAG3A...from waqa3a, yaqa3u, taqa3u, ou bilurduni, wag3a!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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