Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Dino & Baby Bagoora

Today is one of the days i am feeling nostalgic and looking back at the old days when life was much simpler. I remember the first time i saw the snow! And well i ran out to play with it made a very ugly snow man that looked more like jabal amman.

I would open my mouth and wait for some snow to come in my mouth.Come to think of it it did taste weird :S Or i would stand like in that scene from the movie "i know what you did last summer" when jennifer love hewit has her arms wide open and yells


I used to hang out with the neighbors kids ( till this day i wonder why i did hang out with them. They were pretty handy when it comes to finding old tires to use as snow boards! i remember getting on a 3ajal (tire) and sliding down a small hill next to our house. It was an interesting ride the required many pushes along the way down the 10inch hill! :P

Come to think of it those neighbors might have lived in the street :S because i remember no matter what time i go down they are there doing things like riding their " BUSOKLAYT" on ramps ( which were khashabat they found in the street). They even taught me how to make a SLING SHOT.

maybe i have shared too much about my past lol

so.. bagoora loved the snow too and borrowed a pair of my boots when we went out. Only by the time we came back home we could not feel our feet and had them stuck on the "Dafayeh"(heater).


Anonymous said...

Im so happy your back, I always read your blog when I am at work :-)

Dino$ said...

thanks anonymous :)
it's good to be back

Maher said...

my parents ma kano y6al3one men el beit when it snowed..kont adal abke o ma kano y6al3one..

i am glad enhom ma kano y6al3one cause et3awadet when it snows, i spent the day sleeping lol

UmmBlog said...

LOL! On reading the title of the post I thought you were EXPECTING (a baby)!! it was only later on that I realized that it had nothing to do with what I had assumed

Anca said...

Thanks to you, I remembered about my childhood's winters... and strong winters, very cold and a lot of snow, but we had always Big fun, and we could play all day long(if mama wouldn't fight to get us inside), even we were frozen and we didn't feel our feet anymore :)
Mmmmmmmm, nice time.....long time agoooooooo :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for your posts. I live in the U.S. right now though I was born and raised in the Arab world. I acquired the arabic sense of humour and I get it. It feels wired when am around the American sense of humour and sometimes I miss being around the arabic humour that makes me really laugh. Sometimes I come out as wired in front of Americans because I smile and not really laugh at their jokes or their way of telling a story and being funny, which makes me sometimes wonder "am I too wired? Why do I not really laugh out loud?". Reading ur blog makes me feel normal again and feels like there are blogs that makes me really laugh and probably it's because they got the sense of humour that I was raised to. Thanks cuz ur blogs makes me feel normal!! wohow! good to know that!!

Dino$ said...

maher ya miskeen. sleeping in the snow u are missing out! next time it snows borrow 3ajal from someone or remove one from your car and go to the nearest nazleh and try it out wa id3eeli or id3ee 3alay

umm blog lol
first of all if i do get a baby i hope its not a cow ! second believe me i will be very clear with the getting a baby post! the cartoon will be totally different you will not mistake it for anything :)

Dino$ said...

anca ya! good times! Ofcourse we all heard the get inside lecture! lol
It's nice to remember the good times glad i reminded you of those nice memories :)

Dino$ said...

anonymous. That was one of the nicest posts i ever read. To think that my silly blog can actually make someone feel NORMAL. lol you are not weird.
It's so ironic because i feel this blog makes me feel abnormal :)

I guess Americans have a different sense of humor. I am glad you came across my madness and i hope my posts always make you smile or laugh.

Noor said...

Hey there,
thanks a bunch for your comment on my blog. :)

Dino$ said...

anytime noor :) i liked your blog

neutron said...

So I'm new here and glad you're back. I like what I've read and you're an awesome graphics designer!

p.s. what's with the cow?

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

gosh your cartoon always makes me laugh big time!
Why can't you just draw something more peaceful and serene so it won't hurt anyone's stomach????! goddamit! lol.

But yeah, it's good times back then when we were kids. We care for nothing just wanna play, get dirty and eat the snow. lol

Dino$ said...

nuetron thanks for your comments and here your answer :

Dino$ said...

someguyfromplanet are you saying my cartoons all cause abdominal pain? lol

i admit some do but not all :)

glad you like my cartoons! How are your illustrations now? i remember you started drawing a while back

Arab Lady said...

I don’t know whether old days were simple or us becoming more complex
Its us I believe…
we are becoming demanding, depressed, unsatisfied…I duno why …we are not enjoying life the way we should enjoy it

welcome back ...hope life is ok with u ...keep writing plz


Dino$ said...

arab lady :) you are right. i remember when we first came to dubai we went to the park next to our house and the sight of the huge "nafoora" was like WOW. and i started playing on the swings and just hanging out in a simple park was WOW.

I remember being amused by the dancing "nawafeer" in the mall. And getting into a "transparent" elevator for the first time and thinking WOW WOW to almost everything i see. I guess jordan was different and dubai was amusing.

Now i feel i dont react to things the way i used to. Its like to say "WOW" i need something really extra ordinary! U are right with time we become more demanding and we are hardly pleased.

Thanks for you comment i will not stop posting again :) |(inshala)

neutron said...

So I just read the cow blog and I loved it! Hangin out with cows and how they eventually lead the help to you ... cool!

Dino$ said...

glad that story is cleared out :) hehe

the cows saved my life

someguyfromplanet said...

i mean your cartoon is making me laugh til my stomach feel the pain. :D

and no, I'm giving up illustration I am no talent!

Dino$ said...

someguy don't give up i remember your first illustration was pretty good! just be patient and you will get the hang of it :)