Monday, June 23, 2008

BAgoora Goes to Burger KING

Another Day, Another Adventure. I have been wondering where bagoorti spends her time and i found out from (secret) sources that she has been standing outside burgerking with signs asking people to stop eating BURGERS!

i told her not to do that before after one of the people who worked there tried to turn her into WHOPPERS! :S

So.. after a long long talk and a few hugs and promises that i will never eat her even if we are stuck underground with nothing edible but her. I promised her not eat any of her relatives either ( except for the annoying ones). I am not really that into bagar eating, i am a chicken eater :)

So.. this pointless will end with a something meaningful. So let me think of a moral here.. hmmm... When you love someone and they are a big cow, you can still be the better person and not eat them when you can. You will rise and be the better person. :)


Jasim said...

I second that. :D

Dino$ said...

haha :) second sho bilzabt the burger? the bagar? :)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

Your favorite animal is cow, mine is a "KHaroof" on top of sidir mansaf ..

so how do you want me to resist eating that :D

Anca said...

Choco :),
please don't tell to her that I love "medallion of veal", "roasted rib eye of beef" and "fillet steak". OK?:)