Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sha7adeen Stories

Shahadeen, Sha7ateen, Beggars whatever name you choose to call them, they are everywhere. In some places more than others and with endless scenarios and acts. i will share a few stories :

Once i was standing in Jordan in "sweifyeh" where they seem to have DAWAM RASMI and well some guy comes up with a paper and he was not saying anything and gave me a sad look of "ana miskeen" and came up to the car window. I think the paper was some medical paper saying he is DEAF! Just as i was about to get my purse some car from behind him HONKED its HORN and GUESS WHAT THE DEAF GUY DID? bil 2orduni " NAGAZ" hmmmm ya3ni mush fahmeh how he HEARD THE ZAMOOR!!!

Again in Sweifieyeh in the car this time i stopped at one of the traffic lights. And the traffic light in jordan first thing you should do is roll up your window unless if you want someone to throw in some "S&B" chewing gum, or even sometimes stick their head in your car and yell things like " ALLAH yib3atLIK WA7ad 7ilo zayek! Allah yib3atlik wa7ad 3yooonoh ZURUG". So as i was about to roll up the window i notice one little boy crying and his box of chewing gum ( which he apparently dropped on the floor).

He was crying and picking up the gum. So i was like haram miskeen, he probably will get in trouble by the BIG BOSS who throws them in the street to start with and i 7sint 3alieh and gave him some money. NEXT DAY!!!! SAME BOY! CRYING! SAME PLACE! SAME BOX! it was FILM! and so many ppl fell for that! When i told my friend she too FELL for that FILM and felt so sorry for him and went and got him another box of chewing gum to SELL!!

i felt so stupid! i mean this boy deserves an award for his acting!

Oh so many stories i lost track. But well this one is funny. Last time i was in amman i was feeling that my IMAN needs a boost that i miss going to the masjid and that i want to feel the spirituality again.

So that day i was so emotional when i went to the masjid next to our house. The lecture was about tawba and how if GOD loves someone He makes it easy for them to get 7asanat. So after the khutbet il jum3a i was leaving and this lady came to me crying telling me her son has something wrong fi "thaanoh" (his ear) and needs an operation.

At that time i did not plan on buying anything so i had no money on me. So she kept crying and telling me about "thaan ibinha" and in my head i felt that i couldnt help her because maybe God doesnt love me and doesnt want me to get 7asanat which is why i dont have my wallet. So i started crying and crying! And praying for her and her son. Suddenly i look at her and she is not crying anymore, she has a weird confused look on her face and she said " khalas khalas and walked away." She realized her act was useless and went on to someone else.

looking back all i can say is ma ahbaaaaaaaaaalni!

Oh oh and once i had like 10 JDs and this kid kept following me trying to sell me " BLASTAR" so i was like ma3eeeesh fra6ah he goes " haaaaaaaateeee maaaasik"

really yantabiq 3alieh al qawl "shahaaat wa bishare6"

If you have any stories to share please do! :)


Qabbani said...

انا شغلتي الشحادين

بحطها على عينن كمان , و في مرة مسكت واحد منهم بدي اخدو على المخفر

بس على فكرة ماعندن زوق
مرة كنت عم احكي مع صاحبي , بجيت شحادة و صارت تحكي الديباجة المعرفة

اطلعت فيها , و التلها عفوا؟ ليه عم تقاطعيني مو شايفتيني عم العي مع الزملة , المهم خلصت قصتي معو و هي واقفة بعدين التلها نعم

بلشت تحكي .... التها الله يعطيكي و تاني مرة ما بتقاطعيني عيب لأنو

Dino$ said...

law ijat 3ala muqat3it il hadeeth oka some of them follow you and start to poke you and say " min shaan allah 2a3teeni"

neutron said...

I have a few stories but non as bad as yours. The worst is when they send their children to beg. It kills me.

7aki Fadi said...

Once a little sha7adeh girl I gave her 5 piasters, she threw them back at me . LOL. ilwaqa7a.
Kinno five 2roosh are kikha.

NOSA said...

what do you think it's an easy lazy way of life lol

here is my advice:
1-Avoid EYE contact!that's why i love sunglasses =)
2- If you can't avoid eye contact just ignore, and walk away .
3-DON'T STOP unless you have FOOD you want to give away!(I don't give beggars cash anymore)
if they follow you just pretend you don't speak their language LOL =)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

We used to have a gum seller at "Mojama3 ba9aat jami3at il 3olooom w il technologia" in irbid, the guy would say" allah aynaj7aak ... ya rab itjeeeb 97 ... and whatever, he did not knew that the ambition of 99% of people there was to get 60!!

Another one had a nice trick, whenever he sees a couple walker together, he would go to them and tell him, if you love here buy from me ... it worked out so many times .. he never walked to me though :D

Dino$ said...

neutron its not always their children in jordan its like a bus full of children that stops at each traffic light! then at night picks them back up again!

Dino$ said...

7aki fadi looool kikha!
i remember once i gave a lady who said she was hungry kees shawerma that i had bought for myself! then she looked at me be 2araf and said " 2eeesh 2a3mal feee haath"

waqi7eeen kteer!

Dino$ said...

nosa you cant really ignore sometimes because they follow you and follow you till you are sick of the continuous nagging and would pay them just to 7iloo 3anik!

The food thing didnt work they only take cash :S and not small amounts!

Dino$ said...

hahaha in amman if you pass tawjeeehi the tenth time you are grateful!

about the girl trick zakartni! i was once in the car and this little girl comes to the window and asked me if i was " msaa7beh" and that the guy in the car behind us wanted to hook up!

ya3ni shaghalooohom mu3akiseeen kaman!

once i was with my cousin who is in her 30's and i was 20 some kid comes to the car and yells to her " Allah ykhaleeelik il waaaaldeh and pointed at me"

i felt it was an OUCH! i mean do i look like her mother!?!

oh oh and once one guy came to a girl who is a bit chubby and said "INSHALA WaLAD" implying that she is PREGNANT! not only did he not get any money i think he heard a few curses haha

Anca said...

I stopped to give them money, because I'm not sure who will get it...........
I give them food. One time I was with my daughter at one restaurant which has huge windows. We thought, let's take a sit next to the windows to enjoy the wonderful view, but we had to change very soon because of the "outsider's starring". Later I went out, and of course he jumped on me and start to beg, telling me he's very hungry and he didn't eat since 2days cuz he doesn't have money. I said ok, no prob., I ordered a double burger and chips to
take away.After I handed to him, I saw the disappointment on his face, and I told him:" better than nothing, or?"
He just turned and walked away........
Anyway, from me, they don't get cash anymore, only clothes and food.

Dino$ said...

anca lol i mean even people who are not poor should appreciate a FREE BURGER! :)

i will start giving out burgers :)

hehe anca you have a girl! wow dunno why i got the impression that you were much much younger :)

not that you're old i mean . your a mom :)

Anca said...

Oh my dear, I know this is the impression I give to everybody.Even when I'm together with my princess, the people think, we are sisters. She just turned 12 years old.I was a young mom(20), I like to belive I still am :) :) :)
thanks for your sweet comment, and regarding beggars, I'm very serious,no more cash.....only food and clothes

Dino$ said...

you are !! im sorry if you got the impression that i thought you were old :) its just wow your a mom and your kid is 12 :)

20 that is definitely young but the cool thing about that is that the age gap between you and your kid is small

my grandma got married when she was 13 :S and most of my friends grandmas too! i guess the age for kids and marriage changes with time

someguyfromplanet said...

I once gave a beggar some books. I told him "if you read this you can make money" :D

Anonymous said...

Yee hayda il veil ta3ek ma
ba7ebo , wala il blog , ba7esoo istena3ee ya3ni il esas ilmestaw7a mish true .


Dino$ said...

someguy did you ask them if they can read?? hehe wayn il ktaab i want it!

anonymous ahmad

tab no one forced you to visit the blog :) and ofcourse mush true! it's called an imaginary cow and well i do illustrations and blog for fun.

loolt said...

There was this kid who was rying to sell my friend gum. She didnt want it but gave him some money anyway, and told him not to bother with the gum. He was insulted and shoved a handful of gum in her bag!!! I wanted to adopt him then :(

On another note, I know during Ramadan families come around houses to beg. This one lady came to my friends house with a pan begging. She didnt have any money so filled the pan with ma2loubi she had prepared for the family. A couple of hours later she came out of th house and saw that the ma2loubi had been thrown all over the driveway!!!

Dino$ said...

loolt awwwwww 7azanteeni 3ala the gum kid! a7saan min ma they throw it in your car and force u to buy it

anout that lady lol sho bidha bil ma2loooebeh bid-ha maaasik :P

Pimpcess said...

Heehee...these stories are pretty funny, but Ive found the ultimate way to get rid of beggars in Egypt :)

On my first visit there, I was shocked to see such things...we dont really have much of that where im from. I felt really heart broken for these poor ladies who had their babies in their arms and trying to sell peanuts to feed their children (but in the back of my mind thinking..hmm..there is alot of protein in peanuts, why not just feed them to the kids).

Many women and children were coming and going the whole evening trying to sell tissues, peanuts, just straight begging, but this one lady who came to the table where we were sitting at the cafe really caught my attention. She was crying and came directly to me, begging me in arabic for money as she could not feed her baby and the baby was so hungry. She completely ignored my two friends sitting emotionless at the table. My friends were explaining to me in english that most of these people just put on an act and dont really need the money.

I eventually asked my friends to translate for me so I could speak to the lady; my arabic was really bad at the time and still is quite broken when I speak. They told her on my behalf "You poor lady, I feel so bad for you. It must be so heart breaking not having the means to take care of your child. And your baby, mashallah, she is beautiful. How about I just buy the baby from you, this way you have money and the baby will live a good much for the baby?" Ive never seen someone run so fast, and our table was beggar free for the rest of the night. We had a good laugh that night.

Dino$ said...

Thank you for your long comment! funny story!! im am surprised she didnt offer a price for the baby lol

thanks for passing by here :)