Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day i Swallowed Daboos ( a pin)

Well there are so many funny stories but i think most can't be shared on this blog... but i remembered something that happened to me that i posted here a long time ago and well for those who are new readers on this blog you must have missed this... so here is the post :

Where was i the last 2 days? Hmmm not really wedding planning... i was in the hospital....

Yes... again i have a weird experence to share... things like this ONLY happen to ME... i SWALLOWED A PIN!!! Out of the many things a person can choke on or swallow by mistake.. COINS,FLYS,BONES,RINGS,EARINGS!!!! i swallow... A PIN!!!

How u may ask... let me explain... i was fixing my hijjab with pins.. so that it doesnt fly with every slight gush of wind . i was talking to my friend Aloosh with the pin in my mouth.. then i think i GASPED at something either she or i said... or just breathed in slightly... then GULP!!!!!

*dinos looks at alia with eyes full of SHOCK & FEAR & CONFUSION!!

*dinos points at throat and then at other pin in the hijjab!! ALIA SAYS " Shooo u dropped it?"

*alia starts looking on the floor...

* DINO makes a weird NOISE TRYIN TO GET ALIAs ATTENTION TO HER FACE & points at THROAT.... afraid that if she talks she will die!

ALoosh s face now looks like DINAs only she is laughing at DINA now and freaking out as well lol
i was abt to pray so i freaked out.. i was like pray first or call my mom first.. ( mom is a doctor) so.... after running around in circles not knowing what to do i decided to pray.. cause chances are if i die from this pin i die praying! Then i call my mom ..

ALO MAMA.. ma tkhafi.. ma tkhafi...BAS BALA3t Dabooooooooos
( side note : my mom freaks out when there is no reason so you can imagine after telling her i swallowed a PIN)

story continues....

Mama : EISH!!DABOOOs!? KEEF!! ??? ( WHAT A PIN HOW?)

Dina : sho 2a3mal ??????? ( WHAT SHOULD I DO?)

MAMA : rooo7i koleeee KHUBZEH!!

ALooshti runs hysterically to the kitchen throws RGHEEF( piece of Pitta bread) at me!! i start munching on it like a beggar who hasn't eaten in a year!!!

MAMA: yala  ana jay 7akhdik il mustashfa!! ( im coming to take you to the hospital)

We are driving to the hospital and ofcourse i could not stay QUIET the whole time i was making jokes and laughing... id say things like... this will be a NICE BLOG i was actually running out of TOPICS! lol or " law ino il khubzeh feeha LABANEH or Za3tar kan ithanayt badal ma abla3ha 7aaaf"

hehehe i was actually pretty hungry before this incident

Anyway.. i reach the hospital and all the nurses would LAUGH when they ask what is wrong... 

MOM : " binitee bala3at daboos"( my daughter swallowed a pin)
Nurses looking around for a toddler... then i wave my hand with an embarassed smile :S

*nurse trys to hide the laugh... then i see them telling each other and laughing...
then they did an X RAY and i could see it in my STOMACHE!!! so they are like we need to make a ENDOSCOPY... i go like.. okay... UNAWARE of what this procedure REALLY MEANT!!!
the doctor arrives and asks where the patient is... mom says its her.. she says.. 
" OH Sorry I WAS LOOKING FOR A 7 year old "

arghhhhhh :S

LOL nice nice.... any one else want to mock me? aaahahahahah Soooooooo.. any hoooooooooo

suddenly they take me to a room... where i wear the operation clothes... and the inject me with something that i think was a anesthetic... so what i remember was a LONG TUBE WAS SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT!!! it was more like TREASURE HUNT in my STOMACHE!! After i don't know how long i woke up and i dont even remember anything other than i came in and i was shocked to see the had already took out the famous PIN!!

i also remember that it was fun being pushed around on a bed seeing the hospital lights! And i remember saying lots of weird things after the endoscopy since iwas still under the mukhadir effect! mom said i was dancing at a certain point lol when they asked if i was OKAy i stood up and did a quick NEMRA ( egyptian dance) lol

Felt like i was high.. not that i know what it feels like heheh but i should not be under any drugs whatso ever because i believe i am naturally high..

... first thing i said was "7ase fi SANDAL FI ZORI"
(i feel there is a slipper stuck in my throat) hhahahaha

now it feels like there is a baby shoe rather than a huge sandal!!! :S

truth is i have swallowed a nail in the past... when i was 8.. but this was a first.. the lesson i learnt is.. dont talk when u have pins in your mouth... wait... no its DONT PUT PINS IN YOUR MOUTH!!! :S


Anonymous said...

lool 7amdellh 3l salameh...happened with khalti zaman

Roba said...

Wow. That sounds AWFUL. I hope you are feeling better :)

Sniper said...

I like the part when u were on ur way to the hospital with a pin in ur stomach and thinking "this can be a good blog" looool u r hilarious Dino! When my cousin swallowed a pin (ok he was 6 lol) the doctor prescribed him 3 cotton ball sandwiches and asked him to examine his poop until it passes out!

Sniper said...

I like the part when u were on ur way to the hospital with a pin in ur stomach and thinking "this can be a good blog" looool u r hilarious Dino! When my cousin swallowed a pin (ok he was 6 lol) the doctor prescribed him 3 cotton ball sandwiches and asked him to examine his poop until it passes out!

kinzi said...

Ya habeebti, keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef?

No, I know very well keef, as I sew and use pins often and every time I had one in my mouth I took it out fearing a swallow or sneeze would land me in the hospital.

SO glad you are ok! (I fianlly responded to your comment at my place, too :D)

Dino$ said...

hamdanism :P slamet khalatak i have to meet her we might have a lot in common!

Roba :P i look back and laugh now but it was pretty awful to go through that procedure :S but thank u :)

Dino$ said...

Sniper.. believe it or not i usually have this thought in my head when something funny happens! and well when a 6 year old does that its expected i am glad i didnt have to examine anything lol

Dino$ said...

kinziii yes be carefeullll i still do sometimes find myself putting pins in my mouth.. i dont think ill ever learn :S i will go check ur repy now kanoozati

Anonymous said...

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Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

thx 4 scaring,, I mean sharing ,, lol

الحمد لله على السلامة

I thought u r gonna say it was a dream at the end! :DDD

ΣcoŞan said...


ana 7ashahst rasmi 3ala ha6' el post .. =))
5sose el comment ta3et el doctorah ..

well, el 7mdillah 3ala essalameh
walo enha met2a5reh ktheer .. :)