Saturday, December 25, 2010

Constant Fears, Worries, Questions..

I never used to worry this much before... i think the older you get the more your responsibilities the more your worries, your fears. I remember the many things i used to wonder about before i got married. The many questions i know have the answers to while i have more questions arising every single day.. 

 All my life i have been asking questions... 
Will i pass this course? Will i graduate? Will i ever get married? Will i ever meet "the One"? Where will i meet il HIM!? Will i get the Job?! 

Then i did get married and then i thought Will i be a good wife? Will i learn how to cook? Will i ever be a MOM?

then lulu arrived and now im thinking Am i good mom? Will i be able to raise her to grow up with no psychological problems! Will she grow up to be my best friend?

Now im thinking inshala if i ever do get more children.. will i ever be able to Manage??

I feel all those questions we ask.. eventually we do get our answers and things do work out for the best. And when things dont go as planned and we are disappointed. we get over it eventually. so i decided from today.. i will stop worrying. stop wondering. and awakal 3ala Allah. ( rely on Allah) He knows what is best and there is no use in worrying about things before they happen. No use in worrying about things that i can't change. Just Pray that God will bring what is best for all and accept that even the bad that happens is part of Gods plan for us. 


ola said...

You should post the note about the cartoon's copyrights in a seperate post or mention it on FB/Twitter

As for worrying, I believe that having faith is the only way to stop worrying. I wonder how people who don't believe in God make it through life!

Dino$ said...

thank you i wil do that and i have met those ppl. they r very depressed and unhappy no matter what they say

Anonymous said...

I think you're making a major error here and falling into a very common trap.

I think that instead of asking "will ever get the job?" for example, you should be asking yourself this: what's the dream job I want? then you should ask yourself: what should I do to get this job? then make yourself a plan.

For the kids, for example, "what are the steps I need to be able to manage having more than one kid ?" Look for books and educate yourself, and open the subject with older moms,...etc and so on.

It's not against faith or tawakkol 3ala Allah, it's on the contrary the essence of tawakkol: to plan and be ready, as much as possible of course.

Dino$ said...

i totally agree with you abed. hati was trying to say there is only so much you can do when you prpare and plan. like for example u cant just cant expect a job if you never get an education and sit at home and complain. you should plan and take all the steps you need. if you apply for jobs and have done your plan and still havent got a job you keep trying but ofcourse also with tawakol.

As for children... let me tell u.. i have memorized the book " what to expect when you are expecting" and still there is a lot i was not EXPECTING with lulu. i feel no matter how many books you read or advice you take from mothers its still not like the reality.

i remember asking for advice about delivery and 3amatii all claimed that it was nothing and maghas basseeet..i learnt not to take thier advice :S haha

ne way.. my point is. ofcourse before a seoncd baby there should be a plan but its still is scary and motherhood is scary becaues i constantly worry. and i look at good parents who have done all they can to bring up thier children the best way. parents who are good muslims and have done everything by the book and still their son bitla3 mseeebeh... and i see the opposite. its all in Gods hands and that is where tawwakol comes along. i do my best and atwakal :)

Anonymous said...


yes if you did all that's there you can do, then the rest is in God's will do just fine im sure وعلى نياتكم ترزقون