Saturday, December 18, 2010


omg omg omg... galbi... i cant explain the feeling.. never been so scared in my life! I was in the bathroom about to take a shower... and i heard lulu cough outside. my hubby was outside so i thought he was with her. apparently she was in the room alone and CHOKING!!! i ran out like hysterically only to find she is still CHOKING! i had no idea what she was choking on! and i DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! i heard you should flip your kid upside down or put your finger in to try to get what she is choking on. And well i know kids will choke on things and will always put things in their mouths but this time it was a long choke! And in that half a minute i felt so helpless and scared. like my world could end in a second.My hubby was there too and glad he was calmer than be because i was screaming my head off like a scene from an egyptian movie where the lady is screaming as her house is collapsing.

So anyway.. finally she is either swallowed it or spit it out and i just started crying.all i can say is al hamdulilah. and i got an answer to a question i always wondered about. well growing up hearing stories about judgement day and how we all are goin to be butt naked! i used to think omg so won be stare at each other ? wont we feel weird... answer is... you wont even notice because you will be so FREAKED OUT!

and i remember choking many times and once some lady came to me and started pulling my ears down! i was like then not only choking. but choking and CONFUSED! Another time i was at my cousins house and thier maid saw me choking and started moving my arms up and down as if i was flying or like she is trying to turn me into an old water pump where water will suddenly start coming out of my mouth like a water fountain. Maybe those acts were based on some researches or studies but i just was confused. As confused as i was when i bumped my head in school and they had a pievce of bread on my head to stop the swelling. heard ( batata) poatatoes stop swelling as well. So good thing in those edible remedies you can use them and then eat them :P ya3ooo :P


Rain said...

you're definitely NOT supposed to flip her upside down,that was the first thing we learned in CPR
Not sure how old she is,but I guess she's a baby?

allah ye7meeha ya rab :)

kinzi said...

Ya Um Lulu, shu scary! My tried to swallow gursh piece when he was one month old, we followed the Red Cross rules and it popped out.

It would be a good idea to take a first aid class. Every mom should. It won't be the first accident, my kids have split open heads, chins and broken five bones now.

Dino$ said...

Rain.. THANK U i was just about to search for a link and we plan on attending a first aid class ASAP because i dont ever want to go through that again!

she is almost 2 years old

Dino$ said...

kanoozti thank you so much Allah yekhaleekl ur kids and it sooo scary :( inshala soon i will take that first aid class

KJ said...

Ya Lahwi!

The only think I will ever give my baby is her or his mother's breast, but not for long LOL!

Dino$ said...

Let me remind u that after 6montha babies must eat solid foods.. So unless u want ur future bobo to starve them you need to gaweee galbak ! And loool @ ur commment!

rare said...

OMG, Hamdolela she's ok now, inshalla ma ten3ad... kids like to vacume th floor with thier mouth :)

Dino$ said...

Rare.. Yes kids put everything in their mouth! Its like all day I'm saying "lulu la2 kokha" but handulilah I feel God protects them!