Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Frown when Skype is Down

So millions of skype users around the world simultaneously cursed at their computers thinking the problem was with the computer. then they assumed the connection was not so great.. only to find out that down all day! Click here for more info about what happened today.

So i started thinking of this program skype. Millions of users use it everyday to me its a daily routine. i wake up check if my mom or my mother in law is online and we skype.

it usually goes like this

Me : " ALoooo yummmaaa ALOO sam3aanii" ( Can u hear me)

Mom : AAAH bas fesh SOORA" ( yes but there is no IMAGE showing

Me : 6ayeb 6ayebb irja3ee 2a3malee restart ( restart skpe)

Mom : 2eish eissh 2a3maal? (what what do i do)

Me : ikbeseee il muraba3 il a7mar wa sakreee wa irja3ee ifta7eee (press the red box)

Mom : fesh muraba3 wayn aroooo7 ( there is no red box)

Me : *bangs head on computer

a few minutes later.....

Mom : aaaah hayoo hayooooo ( i found it)

*suddenly picture appears with... NO SOUND... yee 3alieeenaaaa

eventually my mother did get the hang of Skype but this also happens with my mother in law, and its so funny and its not because they dont know how to use skype but it sometimes gets stuck .:P

At first i used to look in the mirror and fix myself up a bit before letting ppl see my crazy morning hair and funny PJ'S with cows and sheep all over them. Then i realized that i wont be able to pull it off if i skype everyday!

So after a few skype calls i just don't want to get all dressed up at home . I know skype makes you feel like whoever is talking to you is in your home but still its ok i choose to wear my comfy PJS. I can never manage to get the house clean so whoever is talking to me will accept that the house is messy in the morning before i take care of the lulu tornado. She is like the little tazmanian devil cartoon. you know how he just goes around in circles ruining everything he passes by! AARGH

So mostly everyone wants to skype now to see lulu do her new dance moves or talk her cute talk. No one does that for me! I have a few good dance moves * dino does robotic dance and attempts to do the micheal jackson moonwalk... *somebody laughs...

HEY! not funny :P


Eloquence said...

lol ahhh skype, the problem i have is that people will speak to you for hours. like its almost wrong to say Bye!!! i dread turning it on now. :P

Dino$ said...

how dare you say bye when its free! ur so right it feels wrong to say bye like u have to have a life threatened reason. like i gtg house on fire :P but still savesa lot of long distance calls

Anonymous said...

hehe skype is awesome..I never use it with family though only with friends who asks for it. I'm old school, I prefer to call over phone and make it very brief hah