Thursday, December 16, 2010

Funny Animals A MUST SEE!

the giraffes are my favorites !! LOVE THIS! And reminds me of the time i got bit by a squirrel! i dont know how many have been bitten by a squirrel but im sure there are not many out there! I cant say i didnt expect it. these things only happen to meeeee. so incase if you are amused by squirrels like me. i used to live in kuwait jordan and dubai.. a squirrel is not an animal you see running around. you will see lots of camels and maybe stray cats. omg reminds me of egypt&jordanand the stray cats there! they are like a little cat mob that wait for you to open the door and then gather like they are in line for bread or 2a6ayef in ramadan! some have a missing foot or a missing tail or eye... i sometimes feed them because i am afraid of the consequences!

Anyway i keep jumping from subject to subject.. so moral of the story if you want to feed a squirrel do not pose for a picture while you do it. the squirrel will not like waiting and ofcourse it would be a great idea to actually have something they actually eat instead of a nutshell u picked up from the floor :S i just wanted it to come my way... i guess the squirrel didnt like that i fooled him either.



kinzi said...

LOL! Only those who try to feed or pet squirrels get bit.

You are so funny, love your stories!

Dino$ said...

thank you kanooztii :) knits kanzeh for kanooozti