Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thocooootaaaaataaaa yummy

thocotata.. is what lulu calls "chocolate".. she sometimes wakes up in the morning and the first thing she says is " THOCOTATA" continuously and this goes on for a few minutes.. i cant say i am surprised as her mommy is a chocoholic and ofcourse i too think of thocotata when i wake up. Sometimes i am too lazy to get out of bed and i remember that the day before we bought the yummiest chocolate croissants and i just jump out of bed!

click here to hear my lulu saying thocotata

This is something that took my hubby a while to adjust to. For a while i think he didnt realize how intense my chocolate cravings can get. I remember once he asked

Huzbandee : " Meen bit7ubi aktar ana wala il chocolata?" ( who do you love more me or chocolate?")

Me : silence * looks down shuffling feet *

Huzbandee : shocked look on face that i still did not answer the simple question.

Me : The beauty of this world is that i will never have to make this choice. *runs off before she gets another challenging question

I love chocolate so much... i will write a poem now on the spot...

THocotata Thocotata i love you with all heart..(my galb)
Without you there is no sun.. darkness in a room with a burnt light bulb
You bring me joy and sometimes make me fat
But its okay i still love you inspite of all of that

You complete me and are always there in times of stress
And most of all you are there when us woman have PMS
Oh no.. i dont think i will fit in my new dress
Maybe ill go to the gym or ill just play Chess! :P

P.S. i made that cake and it looks better than it tasted :S haha well it was not that bad but it was a bit dry! i love moist chocolate cakes.. *drools


Susu said...

You made me crave chocolate cake! I recently started to enjoy dark chocolate so much!!

Doomish said...

LOL, I love the poem
You won't mind if I forward the poem to couple of friends, copyrights well be respected and credited to you

Dino$ said...

susu i love dark chocolate in chocolate fondant and in hot chocolate other than than i prefer milk chocolate... yummy.. my fav chocolate is lindt chocoalate..


Dino$ said...

DooomisH.. Be my guest i would be honored :) and more traffic to my blog is always welcome :)

ola said...

ya bayeeeeeeeeeeeeee ma7la kelmet chocotata men lulu :D

Chocolate is love!!

Dino$ said...

ola i am glad you could hear the link! lots told me it didnt work :) thoftee mazkaaaha il thocotataaa

heart melts

hamdanism said...

hehehe, Lulee is the cutest thing in the world

Dino$ said...

shukran abu il abed :) 3ugbal ma tla2ee ur samakeh wa tjeeb ur own lulu