Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pooopie Disasters!

I am sorry i am posting an old cartoon i have been baking all day i made cheese and spinach fatayer. And ofcourse somehow i forget the pan is hot after i take it out and try to pick it up without a glove and now i am typing with major burns on my right hand. bravo ya dina ya fal7a

so i did no have time to draw a new illustration and my right hand ma7rooooga ( is burnt ) but the truth is even if i did illustrate something for this blog it would look pretty similar as we are in th same topic... poopies.. yes... as lulu would say "kkkkuhhh kaaaaaaa"

There was a time... before i got married.. when i was still not used to diaper changing. a time where i was so disgusted from the sink drain. You know how after you do he dishes you pull up your sleeve and pick up all the laghawees that are clogging up the drain. well there was a time i refused to do that because to me that was.. Ya3333ooooooo Ewwww 

i must say looking back i believe i was daloo3a! (acting spoilt) ! First day lulu was born.. she pooped into my hand. and then it got on my white shirt. and lets just say that was not the last time that happened. And now lulu is almost 2 years and i plan on potty training her as soon as she turns 2 and well for now it just gets more and more challenging to change her diapers! she refuses to sit down. Runs around and sometimes falls on her soiled (_/_) and well today was one of those days..
i washed lulu up threw away her poopie diaper and i thought that i did a pretty good job at poopie control! SO  she ran out of the bathroom and climbed on the bed ( no pampers on yet) jumping up and down and i noticed a little brown spot on the BED SHEEtS! LAAAAAAA2aa! but i cleaned her so well!!! until i noticed something even more horrifying... lulus FINGER was... the color.. of... yes. yes she apparently had put her finger in a very dark place lol

ne way.. sheets are in the wash.. finger situation under control.. and that my dear readers is just a glimpse of what i deal with now.. ya ma7laa il sink laghawees..

so im guessing this is a very smelly post :P


Doomish said...

Lol, sorry for that...
If you gonna potty train her, don't leave her out of sight. NEVER
My aunt left her boy on the potty, she ran to the kitchen for a couple of minutes, to find when she came back that her boy was having a da vince moment... The wall had a few brown sketches.

Dino$ said...

LOOOOL well reminds me of a story an old friend shared... she came in the house to find her daughter playing with her little brown art and when she said : WHAT R U DOING?!?!?

she answered " KIBBEH"

apparently she saw her mom making KIBBEH and to her its all the same

LOL i found that story hilarious!

Londoneya said...

I love your illustrations Dino, you're one talented lady.

Dino$ said...

thank u londoneya i am guessing ur in london :P

hikari said...

loooooooooool Doomish and Dino funny stories 3anjad i laughed out lal jeeran :D

hikari said...

loooooooooool Doomish and Dino funny stories 3anjad i laughed out lal jeeran :D

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOL hai lulee m3afneh mn yoomha hahaha ta7sheesh

Dino$ said...

UMkhaloood im sure u have stories of ur own please share :P haha

And hamdism.. lulu mush m3afneh bas marat bitla3 qanabel :P haha

Rasha* said...

LOL ya Dino :D
reminded me of my little sister...she was caught having a very mushy snack once EWWWWWWW

but as a mom, i could never tell when it was secure to change my son's diaper..he would pee, i would quickly clean him and put him on the changing sheet to put a clean diaper...and wrrrrrrrr...just like a fountain...ghaleban mesta2sadny...and the walls...and the far as the window :D

Dino$ said...

lol ya RAsha ! i mean lulu does enough damage ! i imagine boys peepee damage can reach longer disances hahah
so funny.. good luck with ur sons nawafeerrr