Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny Stories 1

So im in a silly mood and well i started remembering some really funny things that happened in my life and i thought maybe id share a few laughs. ofcourse one post would not be enough because a lot of hilarious things have happened in my life. So ill just divide it to more than one post

Story 1

many summers ago i was in jordan. And ofcourse jordan + summer = 10000 weddings & engagements! and me being single then i would attend them not only for the free food but because i was told that was the place to be to get (3rsaaan) (husbands) :P soo i was told to always make sure the camera man focuses on me and then ofcourse my hand that HAS NO RING ON IT! :S haha Truth is the camera man ALWAYS comes when i am laughing out loud or making a CRAZY face! i make faces when i talk and well in conclusion im sure people who watch the wedding tapes will ask who i was becaues i usually look a bit Seeeko seeeeekoooooooo

yeah that is not soo funny that is not my story.... The story is... so in jordan and 1000 weddings i was on my way to my friends engagment or  katb ktab party. she mentioned it was in abdoon. and that i would see lots of cars parked outside and i would hear the ZAFFEH! i was not sure where i was and my phone decided to DIE so i had to just figure it out for myself... 

i saw cars... HEARD zaffeh.. same area.. CHECK... CHECK.. i went in.. and apparently i entered the MALE PARTY ROOM.. i remember there was a shiekh there and it was just the most awkward moment i had to be lead into the ladies party... so well how embarassing.. i go in.. lots of woman clapping dancing.. the usual.. what was unusual was... i did not KNOW ANY1.. still being the slow person that i am.. i was convinced that maybe she invited all her family and only me from UNI so i just started clapping and waiting for the bride to come in... Lady standing next to me, who could have been the brides MOM.. so 
i say... " IT IS Doaas ENGAGEMENT right?"
 Lady's smile turned into a confused more serious look and said " NO its LINAS engagment"

Dino Runs Off... and that my dear readers was the story of how i went to a strangers engagement .. i even remember having a drink :P hahah

share your stories.. i will be posting more soon! :P

And regarding the cartoon.. i was about to post another story that was more relevant to this cartoon then i changed my post since my last post was already too smelly! haha so next time!


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Now those r stories! Lol.

Enjoyed reading this, thanks :)

Thx 4 visiting my space, *following* u for sure :)

*tried to leave a comment on yr "about" page but .. couldn`t :P

so u r a multi-national blooded cow lover designer? Should we be worried :P


Doaa said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Dandoon you seem to have serious amnesia issues because:

a) it was my wedding you missed
b) it was in dubai, not amman

which in conclusion means that this was another friend whose wedding you missed, i assume! : )) & therefore proves my previous point strongly : ) may i suggest you start playing some games such as 'Spot the difference'.. it will help sharpening that memory, well to a certain extent that is! & sooner than later pls, lol <3 <3 <3

Dino$ said...

hahaha you should be very worried :P i certainly am :P thank for the follows :P

ADOoooo i do reemember missing your wedding for sure.. i was lost for 3 or more hours in the middle of no where trying to get to it. it was in "arabian ranches" i did no see any ranches.. i saw a lot of branches at first then iwas in a desert and kol ma atzakar how i missed ur wedding batdaya2! i was dressed and in the car for so long biil akher bas lost hope in arriving!

adoooo it wasnt you?!! lol not wedding it was a party or something bas kol fikrii it was you. did you not have a 2rayet fat7a party in jordan?? i remmeber i actually did attend ur katb ktaab..

ne way.. so conclusion is... this could have been someone elses engagement i missed! haha thank u for the memory tips haaaha i eat lots of za3tar but its seems to have a reverse effect!

love u adoooooo and again i appologize for missing the wedding.. i did not on purpose.. just think of how sad i was driving for hours in industrial areas in dubai :(--- i have to at least come see the video one day

Eloquence said...

loool ya in Egypt there are like a 1000+ weddings as well, i don't kno how they keep saying fee azmet elgawaz :S

haha @ the za3tar thing, doesnt help here either

Dino$ said...

eloquence so u know the za3tar theory is not true as well :P i can aimagine egyptian weddings! so much fun! usually there is a man going in circles holding up a huge circle of 2massh.. egyptians are fun

Sniper said...

Loool omg u r so funny, I believe u missed my wedding as well, can u take off ur sunglasses for a second?

Dino$ said...

Sniper lol.. if you r a real sniper i appologize sincerely for missing your wedding i really hope you dont hold any grudges against me.

*sniper aims at dino from a high building

*dinos runs

Sniper said...

No worries Dinos, I don't even remember who have attended my wedding lol

* Sniper shoots Dinos with maltesers balls!

Dino$ said...

Dino jumps in the air mouth open eating as much maltesers as she can ! :P hahah

Sniper said...

Sniper avoids Dinos mouth and shoots on her glasses.. Maltesers balls bounce back at Snipers head..

Sniper is now in a coma :(

Dino$ said...

oh nooo... malteser coma the worst kind.. :P sorry abt the good thing about malteser comas is that they last for a few seconds adn then u wake up and eat all the chocolate

*evil chocolate laugh exposing teeth full of chocolate

hamdanism said...

wow lol...I don't blame u though, summer in Jordan is a season for marriage..iza el wa7ad rama 7ajar btenzal 3ala zaffeh or 3oros or katb ktab.. موسم التكاثر الرسمي

Dino$ said...

soo true abed! i mean never say its the house with the "zaffeh" or cars parked outside its pretty much describing all the houses !! :P

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