Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Blogging Days!

wow.. i just spent the past hour going through my old posts and its like reading my diary. it brought back smiles and tears and its like reliving memories. I dont even remember how i started but for sure i never thought then that i would be blogging for the next 5 years! this pic i posted is a screen shot of the FIRST i ever got on my first post .. a SPAM msg.. that i actually replied to because i had no idea it was SPAM lol love the anonymous comment here.

Anyway.. so much to say.. i used to write and hardly anyone read my posts so i just wrote anything i felt like writing. Soon i had followers and people i know from real life started reading my blog and i love that i love having readers. what i dont love is that this causes a lot of necessary DRAMA! like i post some random thought and the next day i find someone m2ate3ni and does not want to talk to me anymore :S I am generally an open person.. for EX... i shared my life with my readers. the good the bad, the sad and ofcourse the CRAZY . some say i share too much and that i shouldnt and now i try to keep my blogs more general and not personal. i shared my 3ersan stories and fears.

I feel like i found myself here. after blogging for a while i decided to try illustrating cartoons for my posts and stories and that was when i introduced my famous "Bagoora". who is actually my imaginary cow friend who is there for me always. the story behind the cow love is here.

Made me realize that i love illustrating and now i am working on becoming better in animations as well.

Bagoora was a big hit.. lots of fans and followrs loved her.. but i admit once i got married i broke her heart and she found herself a husband 6owr.

Looking back at the events that happened in the past 5 years. i started this blog single, depressed and jobless. then i found a job and in 2007 got married. this was a funny blog i wrote in my single days on how i felt then :P i also shared how it was like to be a newly wed with my cooking adeventures ( burns, slips in the kitchen).

I also shared my sadness as well.. a 3 years ago my dad had a stroke and i thank all my blog readers for standing by me with thier prayers. never underestimate how simple kind words can affect another person. Al hamdulilah he is stable now.

Neway so then i shared my wedding with you all.. then i blogged while i was pregnant updating everyone on my pregnancy and drawing cartoons of how i imagined lulu with a poem for each post :)

And now i am sharing my experience being a new mom and sharing my stories with lulu :) my now 20 month year old daughter! Wow lulu will be 2 soon! i admit i stopped blogging for a while as i was overwhelmed with being a new mother but now i am back on track ! will 2agrefkum with my blog posts and cartoons! working on an animation right now..

So in conclusion.. i feel deciding to blog has been the best decision i ever made... i have gotten to know a lot of amazing people like Abed who is funny and only speaks (jawaher) also very active on twitter

Kinzi a person who makes your heart all warm and fuzzy.
Ola with her lovely posts
Maioosh who is an amazing person, a new mom like me now who is married to another blogger Qwaider. Not to forget to mention mr Abulsharif and his batata tree.
Halawa who is the most hilarious person to tweet with :P Other ppl i have followed for a long time areMqabbani, KJ ( who has an amazing photography blog as well), Mzaher ( my old friend from uni and brother of one of my best friends who is like a sis to me which makes him technically my brother ). Other cool people i got to know a little are Malaget Ghaseel , SimSim , Damdoom.

Lots who used to comment here i still remember but they no longer have blogs. Im sorry if i forgot to mention people i am sure i have. Thank you all for making this blog possible. If i didnt have followers or readers i probably would have never come this far :)

Thank you all.. Group Hug.


kinzi said...

Habeebti. Ma a7leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeki.

Fun memories1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ola said...

Good old Dino!!! :D I must go back to this post tp read it thoroughly, I'm at work now elwade3 se3eb

Haitham Seelawi said...

LOL! You are hilarios x)

hamdanism said...

lovely post, awesome illustrations and u should keep them up ! they're hilarious :D

Rasha said...

This is a GREAT post...wow...thank you...really thank you for sharing :)

abu el sharif said...

Ma a7lah!!
I've always been a fan of bagoora, and this blog as well!

For many many years to come, we n3eesh we netzakar !

Dino$ said...

kinziiii :) yeah lots of memorieS!! glad i posted here so i can always look back

Ola khudee ra7tek ya gamoora

haitham seelawi.. thank you :)

Dino$ said...

wa rad khaaas la ABED

thank you for always following my posts and commenting when sometimes no one else would :)

*gives sa7n mansaf to thank abed

Dino$ said...

Rasha... loved ur blog.. thank u for passing by here and for coming up with this idea

Dino$ said...

ahlan abul sherif.. inshala wil be posting more bagoora news soon :) 3alashanak number one fan :)

Qabbani said...

nice post :D

raja3ti ayam zaman eaaaaaah eaaaaah Denyh

Fadi K said...

Hello .. Very nice indeed and I really enjoyed reading your post .. It's my first time here :)

Dino$ said...

mqabbani thank you for passing by :) its been a while since i saw a comment from you

And Fadi.. i jus check out your blog. very nice i was unable to post a comment for some reason. thank you for passing by

Mala2e6 said...

I really miss blogging and everyday I want to go back to writing and I find myself drifting away,I know if i want to I can blog daily..I miss you guys,i miss you dino and I love your cartoons I enjoy them so much so never stop..I miss my old blogger friends all of them no exceptions..thank you dear Dino for stopping by my blog and leaving me a message :)

Dino$ said...

mal2ooo6aaa6ii thank u for ur sweet comment.. please blog again i am back now and it would be nice to motivate all my blogger friends to start :)

Kuwaitiful said...

Nice read, bloggers rise and fall. None last forever as none of us live forever.

I noticed the biggest blog destroyer is marriage, be it good or bad.

It concludes real life is always a step ahead of blogging.