Friday, July 13, 2012

Dubai Heat! Faga3t min il SHOWB!!

I am loving experimenting with photohshop brushes and drawing in this new style! i will be posting my work as i get better inshala!! So.. if you are in Dubai.. you will realize its not only hot.. its.. hot and humid and 7areeeeeeegah! i swear im not joking when i say its a sauna.. i think i once entered a sauna that wasn'nt workin very well that was actually COOLER than Dubai right now!

You leave the house.. just from the door to the car you feel like you need to take a shower! I strongly urge some scientist or genius out there to think about inventing clothes with internal Air Conditioning! 
we would point at each other and say oh look he has a "petra" Ac shirt.. oh loook at her in her "LG" AC pants.. ya salam.. 

Ofcourse now with the heat.. the girls seem to wear less clothes.. habeebaati.. i know its hot... but do we really need to see your butt crack? Will you be wearing this in Ramadan? *face palm

I wanna move to Antarctica..or some place where wearing buttshorts would mean your butt would freeze and fall off .. :p that would teach them :P

neway.. enough talk about "popos" as one auntie said once.. we were sitting in the living room and she said..  " il yom shuft wa7de mashye wa mbayen *whispers.. il "popo" taba3ha"  translation : i saw a lady walking with all her "popo" showing !

and im like.. hmmm... popo?? wiesho hatha popo? puuppy? 
translation " i wonder what a popo is ??

then it was clear she mean.. (_/_).. oh how vulgar i felt when i realized hahaha

soooooo.... enough about popo.. let me write a fast poem.. about the heat in Dubai...

Dubai... why are you soo HOT?!
Ana 7afga3 min il showb..its too much.. KTEER! A LOT!
I leave the house in this humidity
I feel like im swimming in a cup of hot tea!

I leave the house feeling fresh
As soon as im out i have melting flesh!
Please please stay Cool & Maybe start to Snow
before every lady in town is showing her "POPO"


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