Sunday, July 08, 2012

Things like this only happen to ME!!

So... i was invited to a wedding last night.. my cousins wedding.. and well since you are directly related to the 3aroosa and ppl will be sayin " ohh hay bent khalet il 3aroosa" u know u should look nice and well i did wear a lovely dress.. and high heels that i am still, a day later suffering from .. so on the way to the wedding .. my husbandi il katkoot missed a turn.. so we go to the right turn after the hotel.. the hotel looked pretty close and there was a lot of traffic that by turning to go to the hotels entrance it would take about 10-15 mins so thinking it was just a few minutes away my huzbandi.. Allah yes3edo mazkaa.. decided..we should walk to the hotel and park where we were.. at this point when i heard..
WALK.. i just had a heart attack.. wearing heels is not easy.. especially if u have been wearing flats and sandals for so long.. its like walking on knives.. but ofcourse after many no bideesh's and a few hmphhhhhsss .. i agreed to walk.. since it was "close".. and well.. it was not.. there was stairs and a bridge to cross plus a few wrong entrances we took.. did i mentioned the HUMIDITY was BILYOOOON!!? Allah ysam7ak ya jowzi.. but haram he didnt think the hotel was that far

but lesson of this story... always listen to your wife, especially if she is wearing heels :P

sooooo..... finally... we reach the hotel.. at this point im already limping.. my makeup looks more like marlyn manson.. i say hello to some friends and enjoy the feeling of being in the air conditioning.. i decide to go see the bride.. on my way down the escalator... i hear.. a tear and i feel a tug at my dress

*looks down at dress with horror

   OMG OMG il fus6aaaaaaaan 3alaaaaaaaaggggggggggggg 

and at this point there were ppl behind me.. and i was stuck there.. i was there for a while. glad i didnt miss the zaffa as i expected to be there when the bride and groom arrived.. 

a group of men technicians unscrewed some screws and the dress was Free.. but now it has holes in it and black shu7baaaaar... ya fare7ti.. 

reminds me of the time my HEEL got stuck in the sewage lid.. 

if u know me i probably shared this story a couple of times.. my husband has to listen to my stories over and over again because i totally forget that i told him the story 100 times before.. ya far7eto

here is the old post i mentioned

 "i recently had my shoe heel stuck on the metal cover of a sewage in some fancy place in dubai... surprisngly my shoe didnt fall off.. nor did my heel..
yet the very heavy metal cover got stuck to my shoe... 

i felt a heavy weight tagging along... then i looked down to find it there smiling right back at me... i was soo embarrassed. tried to handle the situation.. then some american guy helped me out...kneeled infront of me and took out the heel.. it would of been a great story if he just proposed right then and we would have shared the story with our kids.. love at first sewage hole kurkukur.. neway truth is i wanted to die of embarassment!!! 

oh this is fun.. i have things like that happenin to me everday.. my friend thought i exaggerate or make things up..

up until they spend time with me.. they know the truth.. 

THey really DO 


Um Ommar said...

الحلو ف الموضوع إنه رح بتصير زكرى " مضحكه"مش مؤلمة
ومارح تتزكري إنك تدايئتي
بس إشي بضحك

فاكرين لمى صار وصار ههههه

شي متل هيك

Haitham Jafar said...

بصير أشمت و أتشمت

سكاكين = الكعب

لويش بتعذبوا حالكن

و عفكرة و جد
ترا لا النساوين و لا الزلام بحبوا ال

تبع الهاي هيلز بس كلنا بندهلز على بعض!

و شحو المكياج ال"عنيف" :)

*هيثم انتهى من التشفي*

الآن هيثم سيحاول أن يعدلها و يقول:

الفستان = الله لا يرده المهم إنك ما وقعتي

الزلام أبسألوش عن الاتجاهات

و لا بعترفون أن زوجاتهم = مخلوقات أذكى

:برضه هبل: