Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sentimental thoughts

My first artwork made using the wacom tablet and photoshop brushes.. experimenting a little with the brushes and different fonts. It was more like a way of channeling my feelings and thoughts  into art. The man her is my dad, from a recent photo i took of him. I love how he is staring into space and i wonder what he is thinking. What he wants to say but can't.. I thought of all the things i wanted to hear from him.. the stories i would love to hear again.. the times i took him for granted thinking he would always be okay.. it has been more than 5 years since he had the stroke that left him inable to walk or speak. Its like he is locked inside his body.. He is a great man and everyone who knew him would say that about him.. Why is it that we realize how amazing a person is after they get sick or die? Why is it when they are okay and can appreciate our words do we take their presence in our lives for granted.

Recently i heard about a professor in our university who passed away. He never taught me but her was also the person you go to to get into classes. Almost every student in AUS owes thier graduation to him as he would always help us get into classes we need to get into to graduate, even after we tried several times with no hope left. He was always very helpful with a smile on his face, and no matter how tired he must have been he always welcomed students to his door and never hesitated in helping others when he could.

i personally will always remember the day i ran into his office crying my head off thinking i will never get into the class i needed to get into for graduating on time, and he welcomed me with a smile and made a few jokes and with one click and one call he solved my problem. Many others share the same story or even other stories about what a great man he was. Thousands of students attended his funeral and he has been mentioned in several newspapers. The news of death was all over twitter & facebook. Its so sad that when he was alive, he never knew how many people loved him, and were grateful to him. 

Why do we wait till its too late? Why don't we show the people we love and care about how we feel when they are able to appreciate it ? It feels good to know you are loved. 

So now.. please.. if you love someone.. or care about someone.. or someone did something that really changed your life and helped you out.. and you never told or showed them.. 

GO GIVE THEM A HUG! unless if you are a girl and he is a boy then ... balash hug :P 

lets show the love people.. before its too late

 ok this was a serious post.. let me try to make it less depressive with a poem on za spot

When you care about someone who doesnt know
Give them a call.. start with " ALooo"
Never underestimate the power of your words
you might make them 6eer min il far7a like a flock of birds

So please please dont you wait
wherever you are fil 7arah or fil bayt
express your feelings before its too late
and you look back and say " ya rayt"

Allah yishfeek ya Baba

Allah yer7amak Dr Ibraheem Sadeq

i would like to add a comment my friend manar posted on this image.. she expressed my thoughts better than i did. its soo true

makes you think about how your words effect the ppl in your life and how you should choose your words wisely esp to the ppl dearest to you... its important that they know how you truly feel. moved.


Rami said...

One of ur best posts! I seriously didn't know u can be serious. Writing and drawing..

We never learn how to be properly grateful until we lose someone or something.... Or when we hit the rock bottom.

Allah yeshfi ur dad, he has the look of a great man.

Dino$ said...

thank you Rami :)

Inshala ma7sades yhit rock bottom wa he is a great man.. Ameen