Saturday, July 21, 2012

My First Days of Ramadan

So im in Kuwait for a week spending it with family and i must say Ramadan just feels different when you are having iftar with family. And it was the first time i got to KUWAIT AIRPORT and not SUFFOCATE from ppl SMOKING! YEAAY! Lovin waking up for su7oor having su7oor and feeling the Ramadan Spririt. i miss going to the masjid. I, unlike many other moms, refuse to be the mom in the masjid with her babies screaming their heads off making it hard for everyone else to pray. I remember trying to pray really hard in the masjid and this lady next to me had a baby lying infront of her.. and the baby seemed to be like a week old or 2 tops.. and the baby was like freaking out. face red from crying and almost out of breath! and his mom was just praying and totally ignoring the poor baby.. Alllahuuuu Akbar .. calmly.. bekol burood.. as if the baby had nothing to do with her?! HALLOOO?!!


i think almost everyone who was praying lost thier concentration and instead of having aspiritual happy thoughts we were all swearing at her in our minds!

Anyhoo.. its good to go while you can and pray jama3a.. sooo the recurring question people are asking each other these days.. other than " EMTA il ADAAAN??" -- >when do we break our FAST?!

it is.. SHU TABKHEEEN! suddenly all we want to talk about is FOOD! and im sure if you check ur FB page you will find all sorts of DELICIOUS FOOD pics uploaded! 

I know Ramadan is not about eating. but come on.. when you fast its fun to look forward to what you will be eating for iftar.. al hamdulilah.. knowing that at least we have the option to choose what we will eat.. that we are blessed with food.. unlike those who fast and really dont have much to eat for iftar.. 

I am guilty of overeating at iftar.. no matter how many times i tell myself.. i will not PIG OUT .. i will not eat like a bagara.. (cow).. i find myseld saying those same words only while i am eating.. and saying.. ok TOMORROW i will not PIG OUT.. then there is a lovely 3azeemeh.. and a table full of lovely food.. U JUST CANT CANT RESIST! 

so you end up eating and of you are invited over for iftar even after you feel you are full and STOP.. someone throws a huge piece of meat or koosa in your plate and says the famous arab saying 


you say.. bbb.. buutt im.. "LA2 KOLEE KOLEE FESH REJEEM "

and well.. i wont make her fast  3 days for swearing.. so i force my self to eat what is in my plate.. 

oh plus i dont want it to FOLLOW ME and EAT ME on judgement day.. 
Did Anyones Mom ever tell him that the food they dont finish on thier plate will follow them on judgement day?! 
Well my mom used to tell me that.. which made me try to eat all my plate. and i would have nightmares of drowning in a HUGE POOL of MLOOOKHIYEH! Or Huge pieces of RICE the size of Huge buildings running after me with angry looks on thier faces yelling 

Soo.. long story short.. i love Ramadan.. i love food..  and i would love to have more self control when i am sitting at a table full of yummy food... 

There is an arabic sayin " 3asafeer ba6ni betsawsew" when someone is hungry
"the birds in my tummy are chirping"

And believe me by the end of the day.. they are no longer birds.. they turn into DOGS or  MONSTERS and there is no chirping.. bas

3aaaaw 3aaaw *GROWLS :P

p.s. note to all readers. i recommend you wear something comfortable before you have iftar.. something stretchy.. or pants with mughay6a ( elastic band) .. u never know how big your belly will inflate.. 

* dino faints after meal.. 

in Ramadan it is one meal.. only its constant from maghrib till su7oor :P  


Haitham Jafar said...

loOoOoOoOoOong meal with nameemeh o 6alafizyoon o

more foOoOoOd

o hakoza


on a side note:

الله يعينك يا لكويت!


Dino$ said...

Hahahhaha wallahi ba7awel ma atbagran bas my mozar in law akelha latheeeth wa ba3dayn sara7a wala muslasal 2adre a7dar li2ano 3andi musalsal live ismo banat 3aylti ana lina wa lawlaw :p

Ya bayee 3aala showbb I'll kuwaitttttt ba6la3esh abadan

Haitham Jafar said...

أحلى مسلسل أصلًا :)

الدنيا هون = موووووووووووووت

الله يعينكو يا لصايمين

*يرشف جرعة من العصير البارد*


الله يعينك (يا) الكويت
مش (على) الكويت

و اقبلوا فائق النغاشة