Monday, July 16, 2012

Ramdan Kareem

 Ramadan is almost here.. sorry im reposting old cartoons but i havent had the time to illustrate a new ramadan cartoon... i will as soon as i can.. can you believe how fast time is flying!? i want to wish you all Ramadan Mubarak wa inshala ykoon mubarak 3aliekom wa 3ala your families and may it renew our faith and clean our hearts. May it bring people together with more than just an sms msg or bbm or fb fwd with a lantern and ramadan kareem on it.

I love it when someone actually bothers to pick up the phone to call. Even if its once a year on Ramadan or on EID. Maybe even an sms or email that was actually written for ME not just a random copy paste fwd that you are tagged in with like 10000 others.

Let me remind you all.. TAGGING.. is made for photos you ARE actually in..*sigh*
Prepare yourself for some major tags. Ramadan then EID :P

My Goal this Ramadan is to try to make the best of it.. i can always watch musalsalat throughout the year.. Ramadan comes once a year and who knows how many more Ramadans they will live to see.

So with this Holly month almost here i really hope this years Ramadan is better than the last. I wan to read more Quran, pray more taraweeh. I feel with 2 kids its very hard to focus on your spirituality and faith and slowly without even realizing you find yourself slowly getting caught up in the worlds temptations and look back at how you were and wonder

HOW did i get here?!
Why am i not waking up for fajr?!
Why am is there no khushoo3 in my prayers?
Why dont i make time to read athkar?!
ًWhy do i hardly wear my Abaya unless if im in a hurry?

So many Whys.. and the answer is.. its those little sins we do.. that we think are not so BIG.. making fun of someone.. gossiping.. wearing something that you know is not Exactly flowy" فضفاض".. going to places where you know ppl will be drinking and convincing yourself its okay cause you are not drinking..
so many daily sins that we make some consciously other without knowing.. that add black dots into our hearts.. till one day we wake up and our hearts are heavy with sin.. too heavy to be moved by our prayers.. too black to make us strong enough to fight all our temptations..

So.. My Goal is Al Rujoo3 ila Rab il 3alameen.. to strengthen my faith.. I always used to wonder about verses in the quran mentioning البنون  ( our children) are "FITNAH"

I wondered how could your Children be fitna?! Money i understand! but kids?! 
And now.. with chidlren of my own.. i know the answer.. its waking up for all the nightfeedings and not for all your fajr payers. its missing a prayer because your children need you or because you were too busy with your kids.. 

I do know that raising your kids is a form of 3ibadah if you have the right "نية" for them.

However, i believe if one gets so involved with their children that they cause them to deviate from their duties towards Allah, they become a fitnah

So let me end this post by asking not only for Gods Forgiveness but for the forgivness for those i have wronged knowingly or without realizing. If there is anyone i hurt intentionally 

or unintentionally, Anyone i have قصرت في حقه


 wa Allah ysame7 il jamee3..

Ramadan Kareem To All..
نسأل الله أن يعفو عنا


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