Monday, July 02, 2012

Karsh wala Baby?

So it has been a while.. so i have many updates.. the main thing i didnt post about here yet is that now i am the mother of 2 Lulu's. Actually one lulu and one lonlon. My delivery was induced and i was in labour for around 7 hours and well that my dear readers is actually an easy delivery compared to lulus 16 hour labour. Ofcourse there was no question in taking the EPIDURAL but after he gave it to me i had one very imprtant question... WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?!?! 

Many nurses and my huzbandi tried to convince me that its working and that i just have to wait a few minutes! till from the look of my (very scary and angry) face they KNEW something was wrong. Dr came in and gave it to me again and it DID work.. 7 minutes later i delivered so i pretty much felt all the pain but hamdulilah i didnt have permanent side effects from the wrong epi insertion.

Baby lina was was born and those of who who think life with one kid is hard... imagine life with two.. oh i forgot to tell you guys.. remember how i was like promoting maids and got a maid.. guess what? i dont have a maid anymore.. sent her back home.. a very bad experience which i will share in another post.. long story she pretended that was shiekha fel islam, when in reality she was not... bel marrahhhhh

Now lulu is throwing tantrums almost everyday and i think its because of her jealousy and because she is no longer the only baby in the house. Its hard. but thank god i get parttime help now and i dont know how people survive with no help.. 

now back the cartoon.. its no joke.. after delivery you are left with a belly that looks like you are 4-5 months pregnant.. and poor lulu is confused and keeps asking me if its a baby.. and i have to say.. no habeebti.. no baby here.. simply.. karooosh mama hada 


Um Ommar said...


حمدلله ع سلامتك وسلامت البوبيه الصغيره

غريب كيف الدوا م مشيش معك؟ عاد كل اللي اخدوه حكو عنه كويس

شغلة الغيره متوقعه وبدك تديري بالك كتير وتحببيها غصب عنها باختها, يعني لمى ابوها يجبلها زواكي ,إحكي إنه الببو اللي جابلك وحكا ل بابا إنه بدك زواكي
وإكمنه أصلاتن مش منيح تعودي البيبي ع الحمل,ف طالما هوه نايم ضلي مهتمه ب لولو هانوم,عبيل ما هيه تزهق وتحل عنك

بدك تمارين رياضيه يا بنت ;)

Anonymous said...

At least you were pregnant , well i have a karsh (from eating a lot ):( and i never was pregnant .


Dino$ said...

um ommmar :) allah ysamelk! wallahi hazzi ma zabt this time with the epidural but hamdullah the last 7 minutes kaan zaabet :)

but hayni badayt aroo7 il gym but ya3ni it takes time :)

Dania... sa7tayn ;) i dont think i was ever without a karsh haha ya3ni with or without kids :P but it was always a matter of HOW BIG ur karsh gets :P

KJ said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Mabrook!