Sunday, January 13, 2008

3ajali Banshar

Its raining.. It's windy.. It's the perfect setting for *drums roll


As i left work i was told 2moro is a public holiday because 3amo bush is visiting the uae
( 7atssafar?) * dino sings "Amreeka sheeka beeka song" to make things better :P

3anyway.. maybe it was the happiness of sleeping the next morning.. maybe it was the annoying song i had playing on the radio.. " Seebni athooB fe a7thaanak mithil qit3i6 jaleeed" how cheesy is that? i mean who would want to shabih 7alo fi Qit3it jaleed? ICECUBE mfakr 7alo? msaggi3 yimkin!! ( dunno why i didn't just FLIP the channel)... Sometimes you hate a movie or a song but feel like you have ot listen to it because its like WAAAAJIB!!!

I tend to get away from my topic.. where was i... so maybe it was the unnecessary mini fatayer i had eaten in the office.. maybe it was the masa7at going back and forth making that EEE EEEE EEE sound.. or MAYBE it was that Freaking BUS that was heading my direction with no breaks!! If i was in amman i would be tempted to roll down my window and scream

" MABROOK 3aleik il shaaari3" (jk)


what up with my english 3arabi talking hehe

so i reached the house and hamdulila the tire was making fart-like noises all the way.. till finally i parked and Thanked God that again GAT SALEEMA!

p.s out of all the days i had forgotten my phone at home and was trying to send out an SOS to the world using TELEPATHIC VIBES! Not sure it worked though :P


Anonymous said...

Hehe, dino, 7atta fi masaybek 3ijbeh, lol, elmohim el7amdella 3alsalameh.

I liked the idea of "if you were in amman"! once I was driving with my fiance next to me, when i opened the window and shouted, he simply got out of the car, hehe, sit fdee7a ana :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i was joking i am the most hadyeh driver in the world! i never even use the zamooor unless in extreme situations! usually when someone almost hits my car or biksir 3alay i say hayk in a normal tone " kayf 7alak inta ?" lol

Ahmed is amused by this hadaweh! i find it pointless to anarfiz 7ali i just let the moment pass :)

sit fdee7a hahah usually its the guy who is rollin down the window when the girl leaves the car haha
JADA3a wallah

*dino notices sikeeneh bi jeebet roalaj she also notices janzeer and a scar on her left eyebrow that seems to have come after a uge 6owsheh

i am too hyper i should not reply to msgs when i am hyper lol

Oriental Arabesque said...

el 7amdillah 3ala salamtek...u always manage to make the most "normal" situations amusing and fun to read :)

shayfeh el jaw hal ayam! i'm not enjoying driving at all :( i was so 3ala a3sabi last night and couldn't wait to reach home! thanx God my car breaks are excellent..but still it's scary..i couldn't see anything AT ALL :(

Rambling Hal said...

Dude u crack me up i swear :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

3oriental i actually LOVE the weather! its my favorite weather EVER but i dont think driving is a good a idea for me and min ghier ishi i get into masayeb so balash for me to drive in the rain :) but inti kaman take care when u drive and enjoy your unnecessary 3amo shajarah vacation :S

rambling hal i was just thinking of you this morning and your hilarious posts and i remembering the british lines i read lol inti il u crack me up! my friend loves u and i was like : I MET HER I MET HER ! hahaha walik celebrity inti :) mwa

Oriental Arabesque said...

dino danadeeno we didn't get any day off in Abu Dhabi! effttt :(

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

il 7amdila 3al salameh :-) absar meen 7atlik mismaar ta7t il 3alajl :-) yimkin joozik :D

Arab Lady said...


watch out & dont speed ok

today i didnt go to work

so intibhi 7abibi


Diana said...

be careful in this weather dandoon

Anonymous said...

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Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

oriental that is the price you pay for living in a place where you have less traffic and rent to pay hehe

fe kteer dawamo in dubai but our company didn't days like this i love my job :)

bos6ar haha i doubt that joozi did because pooor him had to change the 3ajal in the rain! :S

ARAB LADY omg inti wayn mikhtifiyeh! zaman 3anik! sho akhbarek?!? dont worry sweetie ana baqra2 du3a2 al rukoob so even when i sleep when i drive i know i will survive :P hehe

dandoon Thank u 3al comment il swee6 :) mwa missek

anonymous i sent you an email concerning the blog :)

Bo3Bo3 said...

Women who don;t know how to change a tire shouldn't drive.... :smiley wa7ad orduni mkasher labo banana:
except Dino, she could. Glad that u made it safely. Massa7atek makes funny noises...mine leave marks on the windshield.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

bo3bo3 hunna!

btw i learnt how to change a tire and forced ba3li to let me arfa3 il sayara shway hehe hayk min nifsi!

girls usually act like they cant to be more girly lol bas ana hayk i keep finding ways to be more and more nawareyeh :P Allah yi3eeen zowjee 3alay ! next banshar (b3eed il shar tab3an) will be fixed by Dinos :O)

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