Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Igliboo wijihkin

It's one of those days you wake up not on the wrong side of the bed but rather on the wrong side of the Shibshib! :S I dunno liesh but everything seems to be getting on my nerves! The slightest whisper sounds like a chipmunks scream! Anything said to me today is followed by this reaction :

*dino carries shoe and say " EISH EISH GASDIK EISH EISH??"

opps another jordanian slip up

It's like i don't only have one chip on my shoulder but Kyaaas CHIPS KTEER! And the only comfort to my soul today is the thoughts that go through my head every time i am annoyed by someone. * dinos imagines she is a giant stepping on everyone that annoys her

I'm warning you.... telling me things like " you look tired are you sick?" or " " did you gain weight" might lead to severe damages.

bagoora akalat katleh today :P



PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

LOOOL at kyas chips! lol hoover heya il 7all :P

seriously i know EXACTLY what ur saying coz i feel the same crappy way too today.. starting off with the GINORMOUS traffic i had to sit thru this morning for 4 hours :'(

bidi ahejj! eft!

when someone finally passes u the chocs, 3ateeni yahum laffeh balla!

Anonymous said...

u look tired .. r u sick ??

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

proudbali :) hahhaha hoover meen wil nas m3asbeen?

i heard about todays extra crappy traffic one accident wo kol il sharqa bit3ali2!!! lama thiji! khudni ma3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak khudni ma3ak *singing

ma 7ad 2a3tani choc today! the morning brownie didnt count khilsit bsur3a! :(--- sigh!


*DINO Bitubrud her teeth to make them sharper and more "mu2zeeeyeeen"

Dino rubs hands together in preparation for her ATTACK

PLunges in the AIR like in the matrix... displaying shiny yet VERY SHARP TEETH!

Anonymous Runs and trys to shield him/her self by anything he/she finds in the way.. Tooo LATE Dino has reached her destination..


he lived anonymous and died anonymous.

*3azzza song
*crowd crys
*dino exits crime scene and says
an egyptian phrase that seems appropriate " 2atal il 2ateel ya ro7 2omoh wa mishi bi ganazatoh"

SIde note : if anyone read this post.. im sorry.. im sleepy and when im sleepy i get the " takhbees" mode.. i say anything that pops into my nafookh


Qabbani said...

Coming in peace

chocolate bar


Oriental Arabesque said...
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Oriental Arabesque said...

we all have those moments dino...can't maintain a cheerful relaxed mood everyday...a7san shee in such a case (at least for me) not to talk to ppl a lot and say el kelmeh el darooreyeh cause other wise nas kteer ra7 tez3al..cause i can seriously give ppl attitude w ana mish tay2a..so i answer kelmeh w rad '3ataha and i act as the cat ate my tongue on such crappy days :D

Anonymous said...

hmmm latkooni 7amil??

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

oriental your technique works sometimes and u try to stay quite and avoid the world. Then people start bugging you and they keep saying " MALIK MALIK MALIK"

*followed by 3adda



are u suicidal? the other sentence you must never ask me! is

ARE U 7aamil! or " 2emta bidik tejeeblna walad?"

HELLO sho hay tjeeebelna ? ARe u going to raise him and change his diapers and clean his puke and wake up in the middle of the night EVERYDAY?


*3adda 2aweyeh

Summer said...

thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment today!
i wanted to email you but could not find any contact email for you on your profile. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i was reading ArabAd magazine like half an hour ago and i came into the short article about you and your blog....pretty fun and interesting to get into it! my husband shared the magazine with me to read about Dr. Barrak. i am happy i got this magazine because it has a lot about blogs and blogging!
yalla, you are more famouse than ever i guess!! enjoy your fame and i hope it brings you much fortune! :) have a great night.

WOW GOLD said...

Good posting!