Friday, January 18, 2008

OBinioN Nee9'e9'

Hello Everyone..

I dunno if its the first time you come across this blog or if for a weird inexplicable reason you are someone who is always reading this craziness constantly :P

i am talking to those who have read a few posts. Do you have favorite post? I have been asked to contribute to a magazine that was talking about the blogging world and well i was told to choose a post to share. wa mi7taaara

Bayne wa baynkom i feel most my posts are FADAYi7 :P heheh

So if you have a minute please tell me if you ever read anything hear that u liked or remember and think would be considered my best post :)

SANK YOU i really will appreciate this :)


Simply ME said...

they're all nice.. but you really have to include the images you put for this magazine.. im addicted to them! they're very creative.

yasaminatdimashq said...

Ah, this is something hard, I loved all your posts because I love the way you express your feelings. Anyway, I loved the post when you got back "I'm back" when you wrote about your wedding, it is still in my head :)

/\/\@Ye$$ said...

congratzzzz :)all r nice :) read all ur posts but really cant tell which one to suggest ,,mmmmm maybe the one u wrote on the 16th of december 'life life life' :)

asoom said...

I really like this one post about your honeymoon where youd described the elephant ride you and your hubby took together, I cracked up soooo much. So that's my personal favorite just because I thought it was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I loved the swallowing of the daboos. Makes me so carefull when wearing hijab...cause I used to always put it in my mouth to hold

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

simply me :) inshala i will include a cartoon :) thank u ! so glad u like them

yasaminatdimashq :) haha that was a classic! i still remember the wedding adventures too!

MayeSS i think that was too much nakad but i will consider it :)

Asoom! hahah yes the elephant ride was a special experience! haha a ride i will never take again! :P


Anonymous hahah ofcourse how can i forget the DABOOOS POST! i mean how did i mange to swallow it?!? lol

thank u all for your comments

Anonymous said...

Thats great Dina, MAshalla.. but which magazine is that (3ashan neshtreeha)?

I think all r good, but my personal favorite three (that r not nakad) are:

1) The Choco - Coffee Effect (Jan 3rd, 08)
2) Chef Don Don (Oct 3rd, 07)
3) Ana m3adalleh (Sep 6th, 07)

And from the nakad ones:

1) life life life (Dec 16th, 07)

good luck Dina, and congrats again

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonymous for someone who has recently found my blog i think you sure do have a lot of favorites :P hehe i think you are all making this harder not one of you mentioned the same post lol

so i guess i'll just randomly choose a post. I'll tell you about the magazine as soon as i confirm that they mention moi :)

and btw i personally like this post
because it was a theory i came up with a long time ago :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am new to ur blog, and there is just too much to read, and hardly enough time!

I went through ur blogs and stopped at May 2006 (starting from 2005). Most of your blogs cracked me up, very funny expressions, and very funny stories...

I dont know what to say, most of ur blogs r nice...

- Matters of Da heart is nice..
- True Hapiness is nice..
- Palestine is nice..
- Sorry again was heartbreaking but nice...
- Denos Adventurs is nice..
- The future is nicee..
- Shawermas are on me is nice..

t3ebet! ALL OF THEM R NICE ... Also the Monkey Theory is NICE! ...

I dont think u will make a bad choice is choosing a blog for the magazine, coz most of them are good and funny...

If u r not sure which one to pick, write down the ones that u really like (each on a small separate piece of paper), fold the papers, put them in a bawl, and pick one with eyes closed!

good luck again... ciao

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wow even i dont remember that far back lol

i must say i never knew i would have people reading what i write! when i started blogging i just had 2 readers!

i think the older posts were more on the depressive side!

but thank you for your feedback :) i might do the Qur3a thingi :)

Arab Lady said...

i would choose all ur posts

WOW GOLD said...

WOW GOLD, nice blog. its worth reading. I liked it very much